So I Belong to You

As the stars belong to the night and light to the day,
So I say, ‘I belong to you,’ and I long to be with you,
So, too, I will be true to you, my one and only love,
My dove from above, who hovers and covers me,
Always close at hand with bands of compassion
In passion of fire that never tires or ever wanes
In nearly insane affection but with no affectation
In connection with the best part of heart and soul,
Filling that hole with which I have lived for so long,
Giving me your own song sung sweet in meeting me
Each and every moment as I breathe in the fragrance
Of your undying devotion in unending motion forever!


19 thoughts on “So I Belong to You

    1. Ah! Thank you so very much, Kamal! And isn’t it wonderful to know that each one of us can breathe in the divine fragrance and fly to freedom on the wings of a dove? Truly an amazing and humbling thought … and somewhat overwhelming. Blessings to you!

      1. Welcome and thanks Jonathan and yes it would be so awesome to simply fly to our freedom on a dove. Have you listened to this song On the Wings of a Snow White Dove. If you can must listen it is awesome.

  1. The acceptance and assurance of belonging to the one and only is well captured in this piece. And what a great feeling to be in that space!

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