Until Then, Fare-Thee-Well

To all of my fellow bloggers and readers, I apologize for not posting and/or responding for quite some time now. I have had no Internet access for some time now, and beginning tomorrow I will not have access for about one year as I am temporarily moving to a place called The Foundry near Birmingham, Alabama. Call it an extended sabbatical for rest and healing. This is a crucially pivotal moment in my life, and I am counting it as a blessing as the environment and experience promises to be life-changing. All in all, I am ready to take this step in my ongoing recovery of health ~ mind, body, and soul. At any rate, I do plan on picking back up on blogging next year . . . Till then, I pray God’s richest blessings upon each one of you and will simply leave off by saying, “fare thee well till then.” Thank you for your love, prayers, encouragement and support. Again, blessings to one and all!


8 thoughts on “Until Then, Fare-Thee-Well

  1. I pray that your sabbatical will refresh you in ways you would not have imagined. May God be present in your heart and soul and pray that his presence will enlighten you in his words each and every day. In Christ, Carol Flohr Giles

  2. Will miss your beautiful many times insightful thoughts that you shared here. Pray for your rest, healing and sense for what’s next will be made clear. Grace and peace

    But the needy will not always be forgotten nor the hope of the afflicted ever perish. Psalm 9.18

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