Holding On One More Day

Holding on for one more day along this way called life,
Waiting for you to come to me once again, my Beloved;
Thinking back knowing you show no lack of concern,
Though I burn inside with all my pride turned to ashes

And when will you come to me again, I urgently wonder
As I desperately blunder forward moment by moment
And humbly lament my predicament? Oh! Come quickly!
Come quickly to my rescue and give me life brand new!


11 thoughts on “Holding On One More Day

  1. As I look at myself
    I like to think
    That the solution
    Is right in the palm of my hand
    And all I have to do
    Is just take hold
    He didn’t bring this far
    Just to leave me on the side
    Of the road wondering
    Hold Jd
    I need your spirit
    As Sheldon Always

    1. Thank you, Sheldon… I’m trying to hold on; it’s just really tough right now, but hopefully I’ll get some much-needed answers this afternoon. Take care and God bless you, my friend!

  2. Before I decided to choose the vigorous treatment, my thought was that, “If God didn’t say – I’m done with you – I have no right to quit fighting for my life.” So I took the aggressive treatment that burned all my baby cells – good and bad. I had to give God a chance to heal me through His device! Hold on and fight on! Praying for you!

    1. Thank you so much… Yes, I believe you are right and God is not done with me yet, so I have no right to say, “I’m done.” Therefore, as you say, I’m holding on and fighting! And I remember that in and of myself this is impossible, but with God all things are possible … and through Christ I can do all things. The victory belongs to the Lord, and He is on our side … He is on my side in this battle! Thank you again for your precious prayers!

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