Softly and Tenderly

Softly and tenderly I hear your voice again,
And has it been so long and I so very wrong?
Slight enticements led me away day after day,
Until your face was but a shadowy memory,
And your choice voice but vaporous whisper;
But now how clear I hear your song over me!
Softly and tenderly I hear your voice again. . .


15 thoughts on “Softly and Tenderly

  1. Just have been reading your posts of last week… Step by step, second by second, minute by minute; that is the speed you have to walk on momentarily. You are doing great so far! Remember, you ARE worthy, you DO matter and among many others, I love you too.

  2. If you feel better, i would like you to know that something happened to mybog:

    Hi, I have a favor that I ask for all my friends (I’m contacting more than 1000 of my friends, because they couldn’t find me)

    If you have no trouble opening my site you can ignore this message.
    I messed up my site link. I made a little change and got in big trouble.
    My old site (deleted, that’s why you can’t find me anymore)

    My new site is The Shower of Blessings (the “s” is in different place, so is the link)
    The new link is

    You may have to click the new link and follow my new site again in order to see me show up in your Reader.

    Sorry for the trouble. Thank you, Miriam

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