Radiant Beloved

You are more radiant than the sun, my Beloved,
And I have only begun to sing of your beauty
When my voice takes wing in duty to our love

You deserve more adoration than bright roses
And the light reflected off the mountain lake
At the sight of which I but tremble and quake

You are fairer than ten thousand doves, my Love,
And from above the stars finely shine upon you
So wonderful and true — their service your due

And the moon sings in tune with all the heavens
So leavened with your presence, O my Beloved,
So I dare throw off every care for I am yours . . .


8 thoughts on “Radiant Beloved

  1. Beautiful! Psalm 8. I have problem with my blog. I made a little change on my site. It’s treated as a new site, and my old linked is lost. Most of my bloggers couldn’t find me, so I have doing a lot of things to fix it. Thank you for showing up. Lot of people couldn’t show up, wondering where I’ve gone!

    1. Oh my! I’m so sorry to hear this, and I do hope and pray you are able to get your blog straightened out. As for me, for some reason I have no problem finding you! And, of course, I’m glad for this! Thank you, too, for your gracious words about my poem! Abundant blessings upon you!

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