One Tree on a Hill

One tree on the hill standing strong, standing tall
Through summer and winter, spring and fall —
This aged tree has stood the test for the best —
And what has she seen through fat years and lean?
So many foibles of humanity born of pure insanity,
But also beauty, bravery and much love from above,
For battles have been fought, victories blood bought,
And in peace lovers have promised passion, as well,
Neath her mighty branches, sounding wedding bells,
And so this majestic tree has seen heaven and hell;
Now what would she tell us if she could but speak?
This tree on the hill standing strong, standing tall?


9 thoughts on “One Tree on a Hill

  1. Beautiful crafted. She would tell us, by just ‘be’ and going with the flow, trust on nature and each others energy, we can endure and survive all we are willing to…XxX

  2. Her roots are deep, her trunk is strong where you can lean on. Her branches are thick and could hold two swings where kids, people young and old could swing and let the wind brush their face, and carry their hair wave in the air. Her leaves sound the beautiful music to your year. She’ll be there, though weathering through many seasons… will be there for years and years to witness wind, rain, sun, and snow, come and go, and she’ll still be there for me and you!!

      1. It’s your inspiration. Every time I respond to your poem, your poem takes my mind soaring and respond to you the way I otherwise wouldn’t in any comments. In fact, I went back to one of your posts to find my response, and made a post out of it. Thank you for such great inspiration to me!!

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