The Sad Bard

This bard tries to write but the words no longer come,
Like some long-lost friend always round the next bend,
And he sends urgent messages beckoning them home
So he can pen his tome, but the fickle words elude him
To the pain of his heart since he cannot gain their love,
Though again n’ again the woeful bard cries and tries;
But there’s some poetry even in this most sad situation
Of ill-sought satisfaction: at least this bard can write
About the aesthetic evacuation of his very own soul . . .


11 thoughts on “The Sad Bard

    1. Thank you … I’m very thankful I’ve been able to post again, although a return trip to the hospital is possibly on the horizon. Thank you again so very much for your love, prayers and ongoing encouragement! God bless you!

      1. You’re welcome! Well if that’s what it takes to get you better than that’s what you need to do. You do what’s best for you, that’s the most important thing. God bless you!!

      1. I was just thinking of you (again) and thought ‘troubled, is probably the understatement of they year’… Dear friend, I am sincerely happy, you are still ‘here’. Proud of every step you take. Big, big hug! XxX

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