Now Comes in Train

Now comes in train the bane of our existence
Without gain or gleaning of meaning for any
High, holy calling in that which is appalling
To mere mortals … much as we try, we are
Destined to die though to ourselves we lie.

15 thoughts on “Now Comes in Train

  1. Hi Jonathan, only nine days short of a year that I have heard from you. I popped in every now and then to see if you made any new post. How have you been? How is your health? I thought of your last poem and sensed that you were quite ill. I hope you have recovered and gotten your strength back.
    I’m posting a lot less on my blog since November last year. I became a grandmother September 28, 2017. I have been going to Portland, Oregon to visit my daughter, son-in-law, of course, my granddaughter who turned 8 months old 5 days ago. You can see a photo of her in this post. She is beautiful and intelligent. She makes me smile.

    1. Hi Miriam! Thank you so very much for checking in on me… I’m doing much, much better now. God is so good and gracious.

      Congratulations on your granddaughter! She is absolutely adorable and, of course, a precious gift from heaven!

  2. It great to see you my friend ….I have been thinking about you
    Hope all is well
    All I will say is that it all comes down to carrying your own weight
    I myself find it way too over rated
    Look at me going on
    Its just good to have you back
    As Sheldon Yoursly

  3. Wow, what a lovely surprise to see you around! I was just managing my blog subscriptions, and I noticed that you posted not so long ago.
    Welcome back, Jonathan! Hope you keep those poems coming. 🙂

  4. Hi, Jonathan, good day to you. I’m in a poetry class. Today’s theme is reading poems by pets, or in views of pets. It’s interesting. How are you today?

    1. Doing fairly well… It’s Father’s Day weekend and I’m hoping and praying to spend it with my two children. Your poetry class certainly does sound interesting AND fun!

      1. Happy Father’s Day to you. So good to hear that you’re spending it with your two children. I know you have a son. Is the other one a son or daughter? Yes, I learn a lot. I need to go back to write more in free verse. I have participated in the poetry challenges from bloggers, but they are in poetry forms. I need to write the way you do.

        1. Thank you so very much, Miriam! Yes, I have one son and one daughter, 16 and 17-years-old respectively, and they are both invaluable, heavenly blessings.

  5. My dear Jonathan, my heart jumped when I noticed you are posting again. Like others of your readers, I checked every once and I while and I am truly so glad to read you’re in a better place again. Sending you an enormous hug! XxX

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