Criticizing What You Do Not Understand

You make some grand, offhand remarks about what you don’t understand
About people with troubles that bubble to the surface in surplus sickness
With altogether wordless complexity, laden with a great variety of anxiety
That separates them from society in insobriety,
While you continue with complete impropriety,
Never imagining that you might very well find yourself in the same bind
With the same kind of ailment for having maligned these innocent victims
Among humankind, but you sealed you own fate when you took the bait
Of pride and arrogance in an easy stride with thoughts that brought you
To the conclusion that you’re above confusion — oh, but now you will fall,
You are so small a man, who will only fan the flames of his own insanity
While others look on in the same contempt you showed while you attempt
To regain your footing in sense and sensibility with all you innate ability,
Looking for tranquility as your maniacal laughter haunts and taunts you,
All because you vaunted yourself above what you did not understand —
Ah, yes! Surely an unearthly reprimand for all your decadent arrogance!

9 thoughts on “Criticizing What You Do Not Understand

  1. Wow. That’s well-written. It’s true: Usually the people who make assumptions about how other people aren’t trying hard enough have no idea what it’s like. God bless you sir, Andrew

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