12 thoughts on “Should Players Have the Right…

  1. This 2018
    The national anthem is no longer
    A symbol for what we stand for as people moving in the rat race of life
    They need to take that Singin sh..
    And put in somewhere else
    Now I’ve been wanting to say that for the longest time
    Rockets red glare
    Bombs bust in in air
    Like what are we still
    In the dark ages
    As Sheldon Yoursly

  2. All a stupid nonsense Jonathan where we have no respect for our fellowmen all this is just a show. We r all one and this world is one whole created by God so why unnecessary we do all this. Our world is crying and we do this nonsense

  3. Unfortunately, to my humble opinion, this was needed. To remind us, that racism is still happening, instead of a terrible memory of the past. Why do people choose to hurt each other based on color of skin. Why?!!! I am European, born in The Netherlands, but a citizen of our world. To learn that even slavery is still practiced today, in 2018, that hurts me to the core of my soul. I will never understand this. Never. We are ALL Beautiful Souls, besides psychopaths and to diminish, harm a neighbor based on the color of skin, gender, sexual preference, status, whatever…it HAS to STOP.

    1. Indeed! I absolutely agree with you …. but do you know what? Even if I disagreed with the reason these players have chosen to kneel during the National Anthem rather than standing with hand on heart, I would still defend their right to do so. In fact, it is their CONSTITUTIONAL right! And I simply cannot understand the opposition of so many Americans, who ought to understand and support these players in the free exercise of their right to protest. Thank you for you comment, dear Patty!

      1. My pleasure, dear Jonathan. I believe in freedom of protesting, opinion, etc. too…as long as it’s non-violent. It’s not only constitutional, it’s a Universal Human right 🙂

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