Putrescent Political Circus

Sham proceedings in capital circus,
Political purchase of judicial corpus,
All to qualify going awry
Despite the people’s woeful cry…

Forget arrogant, virulent reactions,
Elision, division, and lack of vision,
Gross incision, and split decision

Roll the dice and make men mice,
Move to vomit, forget the price,
All to elect unpardonable vice

And so many blind follow behind ~
No cringing, twitching, or shrinking,
Or any thought of who’s been bought

And now will the nation surely suffer,
Having no longer any court buffer,
As clowns go on in Washington town


12 thoughts on “Putrescent Political Circus

    1. Wonderful… I’m doing pretty well in this neck of the woods. Waiting for Hurricane Michael to land sometime this weeks! Reminds me of my previous marriage! 😉

  1. Jonathan, putting aside all personal distaste, is he doing good for your country? I have a dislike for the man, but in some strange way I kind of ‘admire’ (?!) his balls.

    1. Really and truly, I believe he is and will be disastrous for our country. He is attempting to roll back important environmental standards, cut all social services to a bare minimum, he is insulting our closest allies while cozying up to one of the worst authoritarian regimes in the world, etc. Add to all of this the horrible fact that we simply have not had someone whose personality and way of life is so uncharacteristic and unfit for the presidency, and you then realize how horrendous our situation is… We can only hope now that the Democrat Party takes back control of Congress during the upcoming midterm elections. Blessings to you, my friend!

      1. If it’s any comfort, we here in India are also struggling with our own. The man in charge is taking us forward in some areas a step at a time, while also leading us in reverse two at a time, in some others. And he’s in his own way, a narcissistic megalomaniac like your chappie! ☹️

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