There is a Storm Rising

There is a storm rising in the deep cauldron of the sea of humanity,
An untamed insanity, wailing louder and louder, like the wild child
Emerging from the jungle of irrationality to destroy all of banality,
To cannibalize civilization in the realization that it is but a carcass
Only to be eaten now in a free frenzied feast of half-starved beasts;
Woe be to the man of upper-clan, who but fans the flames of blame!
The storm rise is upon us, the size of which we cannot measure . . .
But there will be no pleasure, only pieces of what we now treasure


13 thoughts on “There is a Storm Rising

    1. Thank you my dear friend! Oh, and do you have any special plans for New Year’s celebration??? I pray you may experience an awesome and wonderful 2019… May it be the best year yet!

      1. Thanks dear Jonathan actually I have just turned a grandma this year so will be taking care of my little grandson tonight and then office on the 2nd dear. Happy New year 2019 to u and your family dear and may we all be blessed by our Lord who loves us all.

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