Trumped Up ‘Crisis’ and Reality: Will It Just Go Away?

In an 1861 address delivered in Cleveland, Ohio, Abraham Lincoln said, “This crisis is altogether artificial. It has no foundation in fact. It can’t be argued up, and it can’t be argued down. Let it alone, and it will go down of itself.” Ah, well, tragically enough the crisis at that time did not “go down of itself,” but his words still sound very applicable to the present situation we face in our country.

Trump has created an artificial crisis at the southern border, all in order to build an unnecessary and (would-be) largely ineffectual wall. We discussed the proposed merits of building such a wall in a previous article, “To Build or Not to Build: Educate Thyself.” Looking at the raw facts, we found (I believe) that a wall all along our southern border with Mexico is simply unnecessary at best.

However, the President dragged out his same worn-out arguments, false claims, and misleading (mis)information in his address to the nation last night to hopefully convince the American people that we really do, indeed, face a “crisis” in illegal immigrants flooding into the U. S. from Mexico. As we showed in the above-cited article, and as plenty of media outlets, think tanks and other groups have reported, this is not true.

What is, perhaps, more disconcerting at this point, though, is the seeming intransigence of the Republican establishment. They seem determined at all costs, no matter the consequences, to follow Trump even should he lead them into the depths of hell itself … but why? It has been amply proven there is no crisis at the southern border, but if there is, does it make any sense to keep the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) largely shuttered in a continuing (non-sensical), partial government shutdown?

Think about it? If we were at war, would we expect the President and Congress to do something stupid to cripple our Armed Forces? Ha! would you lay off more than half your army smack dad in the middle of an armed conflict with another nation? Of course not, so it would only make sense for the Republicans ~ and particularly the Republicans, because they supposedly believe there is a crisis ~ to push to at least temporarily fund DHS … if not the other gov’t departments as well, but at least DHS!

Some other things to note regarding the curious Republican lemming-like devotion to Trump: 1) the President’s approval ratings have never been high, but now they’re hovering somewhere around 38 to 40%, 2) Most Americans believe, adamantly, that the continuing government shutdown is nonsensical, detrimental, and completely unnecessary, 3) a majority of Americans fault Trump for the government shutdown, as opposed to blaming Democrats, and 4) most Americans really don’t want a wall anyway!

So, what are these GOPers thinking? Especially Mitch “Turtlehead” McConnell? Do they imagine they’re gaining anything? Perhaps they’re just playing politics and protecting their positions of power… Maybe. But even though I’ve never claimed to be a political prophet, I fully expect two (or three) things to happen:

1) the Republicans will lose control of the Senate, which means, of course, that several GOPs will lose their bid for reelection, 2) Democrats will very easily maintain control of the House, and 3) if Trump even makes it to 2020, he will most assuredly not be reelected.

It would really be nice if this manufactured “crisis” would “go down of itself,” but that’s not going to happen. So … it seems Trump and his Republican cohorts will have to go down, and go down they surely will. Independents and moderate Republicans are more than tired and aggravated by this administration, and they’re growing impatient with Republican senators, especially, who refuse to exercise the duties of their office, all in blind adherence to POTUS. Time will tell … but that time is quickly drawing near.



6 thoughts on “Trumped Up ‘Crisis’ and Reality: Will It Just Go Away?

  1. As an Arizonan of forty years’ residence, I know of many ranchers and border-area residents who want more true border security. That said, there is a reason Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, a relative hawk on immigration issues, opposes a cosmetic wall and a related reason why she carried Pima and Santa Cruz Counties, two of the “Frontline” counties in the ongoing border-crossing situation, which is hardly a “crisis”.

    1. Indeed. In my reading of this issue, I’ve discovered many people truly want better border security, and they’ve put a lot of good ideas on the table, but as you’ve noted, many (if not most) oppose a “cosmetic wall,” including (apparently) border residents. Thank you so much for your comment! Blessings to you, as always!

  2. Manufactured crisis, I suppose. Of course Pelosi and Schumer possibly would view a recommended bone marrow transplant as an unnecessary inducement to restore the immune system’s function.

    1. Recent polls indicate that about 50 to 52% of Americans blame Trump for the shutdown, and even more (I’m not looking at the stats right now, but…) are against his tying the wall into ending the shutdown. What are your views on the matter?

  3. I am so tired of the drama I have taught myself to sit with the tv off too much stimulation..if I do watch tv it has to be mindless..and it’s always breaking new or fake new…its too much for my head I even stopped listening to the radio in the car….oh jd I just don’t have these last 2 days

    1. You know, I really do understand what you’re saying, my friend… It’s almost too much for me, too, but I’ve invested myself in this ongoing saga, so… I guess I just have to see it through to the end. Ha, ha! I hope to God there IS and end! LOL Bless you, Sheldon!

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