Fields: An Etheree


Dead fields

In dread cold

Of Winter’s fold

Now in frozen hold

As enchanted wind blows

And icy crystal streams flow

From the netherworld just below

Where the sun dies yet to rise again

To regain once more his immortal reign


Note: An Etheree is a type of poem which has ten lines. It goes in an order on the lines corresponding to the amount of syllables on it. It is a successive one to one system. So, the counts literally go up 1, 2, ,3, 4 and so on up to 10 syllables.

This type of poem can also go in reverse. Simply count down the numbers starting with ten. Or there can be something called a Double Etheree. This means that the lines will count upwards, and then at ten, ten is repeated and then it is counted down. So a Double Etheree is actually a 20 line poem. 

10 thoughts on “Fields: An Etheree

      1. I’m going to rest this weekend. My trip to Hong Kong/Japan was exciting but with the death of my sister and being sick, blowing my nose constantly made me exhausted.
        Take care and have a wonderful weekend!

      1. Did I do this properly?

        They tell
        We must bend
        To brave the swells
        Our soul cannot mend
        Murky waters to dwell
        In a fallen angel’s grin
        Where we go to the hottest Hell
        We are creatures of weakness, sin
        Our greatest gifts are the devil’s to sell

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