You Found Me, Bound Me

Held in captivity by the creativity of your love

In utter passivity as you wrap your arms around me

And hold me spellbound by the sound of your beating heart

For the better part of the night with delight from the stars above

With love untold in this world from heaven’s trove in the grove of gods

And you sing to me such a sweet melody incredibly pleasant

For such a peasant as I have been till finding you

And binding myself to your smooth chest

Like amulet freely worn now to adorn


13 thoughts on “You Found Me, Bound Me

  1. Beautiful pieces of poetry, thought-provoking articles, always love reading at your virtual home, dear Jonathan. I truly hope, your friend Mary could have been convinced to go live in one of the group-homes. Remember, my dear friend; we can only help those ready for change. Sometimes, there readiness is out of their control.
    Sending a big hug again! Warm regards, Patty

    1. Ah, it’s so good to hear from you again, Patty! I’m sending back a big, virtual hug to you, too! As far as Mary is concerned, we’ve actually made some progress, I believe… We shall see, but I will be posting an update fairly soon, I think. As always, love and peace to you!

      1. Welcome dear Jonathan I loved your poem. It was very good. Blessings to you too. Jonathan would like to let u know that Kate told me to give an interview on meet the bloggers blog, hope you could give your great comments. It would so nice to hear from you.

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