Defending the Dream: A Political Poem

So many came some time ago with nothing to show,

But they paid the price and stayed and made a life,

Working their fingers to the bone, and cold as stone

To hone so many skills needed and they succeeded,

And so too were children born without any scorn

Only to be torn in two to please the arrogant few

Who mistake this country for their very possession

To an exclusion of differences, an expulsion of color,

And all that makes our nation great, now for hate,

And will we stand idly by and watch dreams die?

No, we’ll hold on tight and fight for what is right!


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7 thoughts on “Defending the Dream: A Political Poem

  1. Yes so true and I agree totally with your words of Reality and Wisdom, Jonathan. They have made their lives here with so much sweat and hard work and these politicians and their nonsense and normal people have to suffer. Great words.

  2. So I take it you don’t like “the Man” and what he stands for? 😉
    Believe you me, it’s much the same here and in many other parts of the world – as it opens up, the politicians are shutting doors.

    1. You know, you’re right, Kunal! There seems to be something going on worldwide… It’s like much of the same thing is happening in many countries around the world. Take for example the recent elections in Brazil. The people just elected a very strict, narrowminded, military man as president. It almost seems reactionary and very insular. God help us all!

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