Written On Empyrean Papyrus Scroll

Life is living words written on empyrean papyrus scroll

To unfold in undulating time tied to still, soothing space

In harmony with hope and aims we hardly understand

As the Fates seem to command our delightful destinies

Yet only to surprise us with reprisal in requital for sins

Of unknown origin committed for an unknown reason

In some season of unbridled passion pushing our souls

Beyond virtue to villainy without our ever being aware

So that we dare to pen our last chapter in this chronicle

Of love languishing on the shore of enchanting Elysium

Where our empyrean papyrus scroll will be read aright

As the dark night of our soul falls with call of judgment

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7 thoughts on “Written On Empyrean Papyrus Scroll

  1. Hi Jonathan,
    Made time to catch up and what an amazing series of poetry I’ve read again. Thank you for the beautiful gifts you share with the world.
    Hope all is well at, big hug! XxX

  2. Time and tide wait for no man and writings on Papyrus of days gone by. Where did all this go and where are we going today. No one knows and you have penned your words so beautifully, Jonathan. Too good.

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