After the End: A Katuata w/Ragonelle Poem

With all of our highest dreams doused by flames of fire
We hide in our manmade caves
Where we live apocalyptic lives of satire
Into radiation graves

And God is weeping
In heaven’s vigil keeping…
Is Satan never sleeping?

Too long we looked away, blinded by arrogance
And destroyed Gaia, our home
To secure such a poisonous inheritance
Written in our wicked tome

And God is weeping
In heaven’s vigil keeping…
Is Satan never sleeping?

We refused to heed the warnings of wiser minds
Feeding desires instead
Bringing this destruction upon all humankind
Turning earth into deathbeds

And God is weeping
In heaven’s vigil keeping…
Is Satan never sleeping?

Note: Here I have combined the katuata with the ragonelle form of poetry instead of the renga.

The Katuata, (片歌, or “side poem” or “half poem”) dates back to 8th century Japan where it is found in the Manyõshú (the oldest collection of Japanese poetry.) It is an emotive verse, is intuitive rather than logical, and at some point asks a sudden question or makes an emotional statement, then responds to it. This can be a stand alone, 3 line poem; however, it is often written as a side poem to the renga. Finally, the katuata usually has a 5/7/7 syllable count. This can also be reduced to a 5-7-5 syllable count if desired.

The ragonelle was invented by Adaline Reilly, and has a rhyming scheme of a b a b with a syllable count of 12/7/12/7. There are no requirements for specific meter.


7 thoughts on “After the End: A Katuata w/Ragonelle Poem

  1. interesting poem… very very interesting and emotional, especially as my greatest GOD, the Supreme one, is weeping… he has all the power to stop the problems, but he watches and weeps, probably because he can’t go against his will and laws to prevent it… i dont know….

  2. Wow this is an awesome piece of art form in a different genre of poems, too good and beautiful poetry, Jonathan and I absolutely agree with your words, we have destroyed the Mother Earth and what can our poor God do but wait and watch.

    1. Ah, yes, we have created this tragedy and we are living it out. What is even worse is that our children, and their children, will bear most of the devastating consequences… And, indeed, God must weep! Hugs and blessings to you, dear Kamal!

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