Unworthy … So They Say

Painful pronouncements dripping with sarcasm in personal condemnation

That my ears hear as fear someone may accept me with no payment plan

Despite years of reckless living while yearning for sublime love divine

In free gift given that they never imagine could be given to the likes of me

So they say not even Jesus will smile at me today in any affectionate way

Nor will the Prince of Peace grant peace to some ugly pauper so improper

And ask if such an undignified creature could expect proper acceptance 

In proper society with an eye to fly high above worldly din of confusion

Within the safe seclusion of the beating heart of the living life of heaven

And can such judgment be born as my heart is torn to bloody fragments

As the whole weight of guilt weighs me down just outside the gates of hell?


7 thoughts on “Unworthy … So They Say

    1. Yes! Wonderful classic. The Inferno, almost more than any other work in the West, I think, really shaped our image of Hell from that time down to the present. Have you read it? What about Purgatory and Paradise?

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