Hole in My Heart: Longing

Hole in my heart blown apart by life in the world around me

Into which we’ve been hurled by Necessity’s unfeeling hands

With bands wrapped round the whole of my soul for control

By an unseen dark fiend like an unredeemed mournful man

And so my somber spirit longs to belong to some sweet song

Of salvation’s keep within the deep recesses of heaven’s store

Like ne’er before in adoring only you my truest Companion

So handsomely arrayed in gold-laid finery with Self so filled

With Life and Light and Love and Truth and Beauty as well


9 thoughts on “Hole in My Heart: Longing

    1. Thank you so very much, Kamal. This was certainly written from the heart. Alas, though, this is not a picture of me. Rather it is simply one rendition of Jesus of Nazareth. I thought it was particularly compassionate and endearing. Blessings to you always!

      1. You know my dear friend I knew it was not you and it was our beloved Jesus but are you not Him and is Jesus one of us dear Jonathan. You are in the right hands and loved the poetry. Why don’t you too get your poems published like I did for the first time on Amazon Kindle and just asking but would you like to download my Poetry book if you have Amazon Kindle downloaded as an app. Blessings to you from Christ who is in all of us as our Father, God or the Prophet.

        1. Oh yes, I’d love to download your poetry! Right now I don’t have Amazon Kindle, though. Is it free? If not, I may have to wait a bit, at least until I next get paid. Oh, and yes, we are Him and He is Us, dear Kamal. I truly believe this! Thank you most kindly!

          1. Oh k but anyways if you do not have Amazon Kindle do not buy cause you will unnecessary pay for the app on your mobile or computer. Have a lovely day and you try publishing a book too you are awesome with your poems.

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