Infection and Random Thoughts

Well, as said before, my hernia surgery went well enough, but then yesterday (August 2nd) the doctor/surgeon informed me that the area of surgery has become infected with some fluid build-up. Of course, I knew something was not quite right because the surgical area had reddened considerable and the incision was beginning to ooze … not to mention increased pain and burning. Anyway, my doctor/surgeon prescribed a fairly strong antibiotic and scheduled me to return Monday morning. She said she might have to drain the fluid and also run a couple of tests … Possibly!

Encouragement or Not

Why would anyone discourage someone from continuing their education? Most everyone in my immediate family has taken the opportunity to try to convince me not to take online courses in pursuit of a Master of Arts degree. I truly fail to understand, but my eldest sister told me the other day that it was only because they love and care about me… Huh? I don’t get it!

Yes, I already have an M. A., but it is in an area that is rather obscure and really doesn’t amount to much more than one bright spot on my resume. In other words, I really can’t do very much with an M. A. in Christian Studies. I know because I’ve tried. So, yes, I’m quite pleased that I obtained that Master’s degree. It’s a symbol of accomplishment; however, it doesn’t really qualify me for very much at all.

No, I’m not shaming myself or belittling the degree, but I’d like to move into some truly rewarding profession, be it counselling or teaching (on the college level) or whatever… Consequently, I’ve decided to retool, plain and simple. And this is a good, healthy goal, so if I have the time and obtain the necessary financing, why should my own family come around telling me I don’t need to do it, and therefore shouldn’t go for it???

Come 2020 It’ll Hurt: Talking Impeachment

More and more Democrats are yelling for the impeachment of Donny Trump, and there is certainly good reasons for this; however, it’s unrealistic to think he’ll actually be thrown out of office. On top of this, the American people, by far, are really quite tired of hearing about it, and just want to move on. The Dems would be better off focusing on important issues, offering the American people a sensible, well-balanced agenda for the coming decade. Getting bogged down in the quagmire of possible impeachment might just cost them come 2020.

On Leviticus 19. 33-34

The word “alien” is also sometimes translated as “foreigner” and “stranger,” with the clear idea being that such a person is not a member of the community of Israel. Consequently, divine laws are established regarding foreigners (singular or plural!) who either visit, pass through, or reside within the land. Generally speaking, the same Law was to apply to both native-born and aliens (or strangers); however, when the Law did make some distinction, “the obligation to love and treat aliens like fellow citizens is a striking aspect of the Mosaic code.” (Revell Bible Dictionary, 44 – 45)

Along these lines, it is important to note that over and over again, “no fewer than 36 times,” the Hebrew scriptures warn Israel about the just treatment of foreigners, as well as orphans and widows, which ought to be especially inspired by their collective memory of having been strangers (or aliens) in the land of Egypt. (A. Noordzij, Bible Student Commentary: Leviticus, 207). The point here is really rather clear and simple: Israel endured oppression and injustice in Egypt. They ought to remember this “and seek to overcome” oppression and injustice “in (all of) their relationships …” these ethical demands “flowing from … concern for the weak,” the marginalized and disenfranchised, “such as the resident alien.” (W. H. Bellinger, Jr., NIBC: Leviticus, Numbers, 120; NISB, 174)

Good, solid research goes much further in fostering good, solid understanding than memes and/or opinions any day. The implication(s) of the Word of God regarding foreigners, strangers, the oppressed and marginalized, orphans and widows, and the poor is very, very clear and straightforward. It’s simply up to us as Christians to decide whether or not we will follow the divine mandate so forcefully laid out in Holy Scripture.


15 thoughts on “Infection and Random Thoughts

  1. Hello, dear old friend! I do hope you recover soon! Sorry, I haven’t been popping by your blog but I will do so on a regular basis.

          1. Congratulations on your granddaughter! Happy delightful times. You must be so proud of her and she must be adorable! She has mastered walking and now starting to run, hasn’t she?

            1. Yes, Kally. She has been doing the running climbing on anything at hand – boxes, chairs… She loves to reading. I’m going (from CA to OR) to see her this weekend.

  2. Sorry to miss your news about your surgery. I have carpel tunnel problem with my right arm, the therapist wanted me to reduce computer typing time. Good to hear the antibiotics are helping.

    Your family loves you, that is true (Oh, I just saw that you reached 2000 followers), one things about another Master’s degree is that, think about it in a practical sense. Are you teaching currently or have you done it in the past? How easy is it to get a college teaching job after your second Master’s Degree?

    Counseling is a long journey, you may have to work for free to gain experience and get established.

    I have recently talked to someone about this, rather than launch into a completely new field, probably study something related to the existing work experience. Even looking for another job, I asked her to apply for something she already have some experience.

    I’ve been there, but it was when I first came to the US 42 years ago and I know I had to start from scratch as far as my career even though I taught Chinese as a Second Language at 2 universities for 2 years and was an administrator in an organization for 2 years in Hong Kong.

    I started over 39 years ago as a preschool teacher in Los Angeles.

    1. Ah yes, you are right: my family does love me… I suppose I just got my feathers ruffled a bit, but they’ve only been trying to offer some good perspective and gently advice. And all you say is absolutely true. Of course, God has blessed me with a stable income right now, for which I am very thankful, so it is possible that I could work for free for awhile to gain experience. And I am willing to do so just to give back something of what has been so graciously given to me. Well … anyway, I am not rushing in where angels fear to tred, so to speak. I’m taking it slowly and seriously.

      Oh, and I’m so very sorry to hear about the carpel tunnel in your right arm! I will pray for your quick healing, Miriam. God bless you richly and all you hold near and dear!

      1. Good to hear your plan, Jonathan. It’s comforting to have a stable job and income when trying to test the water.

        Thank you for your praying for me.

        Happy Sunday to you!

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