Admiration of Creation

Sunday Soliloquy 8.4.2019

How is it I can see so much beauty in mystery while others are bound to the sound of their own voices and the choices they make in life, which seem to blind them to so many wonders?

Of all the blunders I’ve made in life, and despite my faults and failings and shortcomings, my soul has never failed to contemplate Life and appreciate this grand Cosmos that forever demonstrates just how we are really very small.

All in all we only stand tall in our own vain imaginations in some insane notion that the whole of the Universe revolves around each of us, as if our petty determination might somehow alter the very course of stars and moons and planets.

Yet when I peer deeply inside my own self there is something very unique, invaluable, even priceless ~ certainly not weak ~ wrapped in eternal mystique, and in truth something purely divine.

So again I look into the Cosmos in awe ~ to reverence, to be blessed, to learn ~ and my passion burns, yet it is to my own soul that I turn to discover what is most fundamentally true and to uncover the simplest answers to the simplest, most profound questions.

“When I admire the wonders of a sunset or the beauty of the moon,” said Mahatma Gandhi, “my soul expands in the worship of the Creator,” and I might only say, too, that when my soul expands and my worship deepens, so also does my wonder and admiration of all of creation.

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4 thoughts on “Admiration of Creation

  1. Yes absolutely true and agree totally with your valuable words, Jonathan we need to be in awe of creation and the fact that we r alive is a blessing from God. Loved the truth in Gandhi’s quote. Awesome

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