Ode to Light and Life

So often haughty and arrogant under the guise of humility,

Wayward in my soul and mind, and anything but sublime,

Chasing empty dreams, cream of fantasy, so unfulfilling,

Entrapped by my own futile imagination in utter rejection

Of truth in the light of eternity shone by God, who is life,

To only exist in pain, lame in spirit, dying without living,

Not having courage for honesty, nor bravery for sanctity,

Weeks and years have been awash in meaninglessness,

Yet now is the precise time to believe, to trust and to work

As if there is no longer any tomorrow to happily prepare

With complete lack of despair, yet with intention to repair

So carefully what was nearly undone so very long ago,

And so now, too, there is hope within griping darkness

As the Light finally begins to shine, first through a crack,

Promising daylight when rises the everlasting Son of Life

To give life to this self-wounded soul to make it whole,

And the adventure continues on . . . 


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