Journey With Jamie: House of the World

Walking through that old dilapidated house so hauntingly empty,
So filled with terrorizing memories well alive clothed with death,
Arm in arm with you my strength securing my every fearful step,
Warm in you while wrapped in cold all around bound for tears,
And we hear silent screams from yesteryear as you steer me on,
Up the staircase all around from room to room to see the unseen,
Motions on the walls with footfalls not our own but of residents,
Unwilling prisoners imprisoned in doom without hope of release,
And my body quakes while my heart flutters as I draw you closer,
Closing myself round about you my brave better part of my soul,
Completing another circuit over time-worn floors quite forlorn,
And there are ancient rugs and beds, tabletops and chandeliers,
And windows with rich but worn curtains open to garden view,
Where weeds now grow where once there were flowers aglow,
And we know we are not long for this world till we bid farewell,
Leaving behind this house that is this life to rise up high into sky,
Winging our way toward heaven above
Two in eternal love now ‘n forevermore


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