Another Shooting, Another Tragedy, Same Questions

‘Our right! Our right! Out right to shoot and kill if we will, day or night!’
But what about the right to live without fear, without gunshots to hear
In classrooms and halls, to play on grounds without the sound of terror?
And when we look at the bodies of innocence, which the gunman took,
Can we turn away yet again to begin again another political argument,
Chalking up slain youth as no more than more statistic to be counted?
Or is it not time to confront the crime of senseless violence in reliance
Upon unnecessary, deadly weapons that really no one needs to be free,
If only we could see and apprehend the liberty that comes with peace,
And now cease our insane proclivity toward death and destruction
In protection of the weak and the vulnerable and innocent among us,
Rather than preserving outdated rights to self-armament and murder


6 thoughts on “Another Shooting, Another Tragedy, Same Questions

    1. Oh, thank you, too, Pallavi! It’s really terrible and tragic, and I do hope and pray more and more people will proactively address the subject of gun violence and that together we do something about it! Blessings to you!

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