Thwarted Return to Paradise

Something more must be than this tragedy of terror in terrible tidal waves,

And we can bid farewell to fear and frustration with the fruition of peace,

Then finally forgotten will be the days of death dirges digging into the soul,

And we will be at liberty to laugh with no more languishing in lamentation?

So what now do we do to secure such paradise in an ever perpetual motion,

When prayers and petitions bounce off heaven’s door with heaviest sigh,

And no more blood to spill in sacrifice for the sanctity of sinful humanity?

Shall I lay me down to sleep in sweet dreams amid a soliloquy of serenity?

What will come to me that’ll not come to humanity, for I am after all human,

And there is no fate I can escape to which we are all not bound, to live or die,

So should this be my grave, knave of simple dreams, and without redeemer?

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