Eternal Love with Love

Just to curl up to your side, confide my soul into you, forever here to abide,

To put aside lamentations that coincide with newfound love for you, so true,

In new life that you imbue with sacred love too deep to express in words.

While white-winged birds fly the sky above in celebration of the exaltation

Of divine-human romance that began and has no ending without pretending,

For this is the real of all reality that this poor soul forever pined in his mind,

And heart, for that is the greater part.


6 thoughts on “Eternal Love with Love

  1. Namaste! Shantih! I always enjoy your play of words, and your respect towards proper information and sources. Lol this last comment was for another post you wrote however I had to mention it here. Peace and blessings.

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