Kiss the Lips of Cosmic Beauty

Dark day storm, bright light of stars, wings of angels

Herald your heroic march as you ride on the wind,

And do you show your beauty in ten billion forms

Throughout the Cosmos of eyes twinkling at night

In the form of stars staring down upon this earth ~

Gaia your honored home, sacred sanctuary of souls,

Where multitudes of gods approach you in dread

And in wonder-love, bowing to your mighty majesty,

Chanting hymns of deep adoration on ocean waves

Like undulating valleys and mountains momentous,

And yet who are you in such terrible terrifying form,

May this child inquire in trembling staggering, Lord,

And will you grant even a glimmer of understanding

Even to me, who can do no less than willingly worship

As the Universe delights and rejoices in your presence?


11 thoughts on “Kiss the Lips of Cosmic Beauty

  1. So beautiful πŸ’–πŸ’–

    I am reminded of Paramahansa Yogananda’s chant : Who tells me Thou dark O my Mother Divine, thousands of sunshine and moons from Thy body do shine….

        1. Thank you for asking. Actually, I am Chrisitan ~ following Lord Jesus ~ but for some reason I have also been strangely attracted to Lord Krishna. And I know this may sound crazy, but I’ve wondered if maybe the two could really be the same: Lord Jesus and Lord Krishna. Maybe this is foolish, fanciful thinking, but I do find myself attracted to Lord Krishna, even though I still profess myself to be Christian. Ah, blessings to you , my dear friend!

          1. You know Jonathan God is one and when he came to earth he is called an Avatar, God man and he has been given a name just like us. Another thing he will never bring any religion, his religion is Love which every Avatar has said whenever he has come on this earth. It is human beings who makes a religion on him saying you are a Christian or a Hindu, or a Muslim or a Zoroastrian or a Buddhist. We are all One. When we die it is not even our bodies that we take with us so what does it matter who we are and what religion we belong too. You are always welcome Jonathan

            1. Ah, thank you so very, very much for your reassurance and encouragement (and wisdom) in both of your replies. I so deeply appreciate you! And as always, blessings to you!

              1. You are always welcome Jonathan. I too am a devotee of Avatar Meher Baba who is our present day Avatar. You can check out his messages online and he said he is the same Avatar coming age after age amongst our midst to tell us who we really are. Always welcome dear, stay safe and take care 😊😊😊😊😊😊

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