Captivated and Conquered

Love comes lightly into my languishing, lonely soul when you lure me into your arms, looking soul-deep into

my eyes, penetrating my fast pounding heart, proclaiming affection in whispered platitudes meant to placate

my all-too-delicate sensitivities so suddenly churning round in my spirit, my self plunging into your sanctuary

but how was I to know you were king of communion, knight of nightly affection, and curator of compassion,

altogether demigod of grace, in passion to never hasten, face to face, lips to lips, our feet and fingers entwined,

but will you keep me like this forever after, never feigning feelings of fervor, never a foreign drumbeat heard

in your soft serenades so sweetly sung in the silence of the sanctity of two soulmates shut off from the world,

and you can believe I would lie here ever beneath you and make your warm body my cold and happy burial


3 thoughts on “Captivated and Conquered

  1. Profound and beautiful words so well composed for the Lord, Jonathan and let us all lie in his arms or be in his vacant hands so that he may guide us and take us by His hand to his abode. Awesome picture too. Too good.

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