In Your Eyes

In Your eyes I can dream one thousand dreams

Streaming from the subconscious of my mind

To bind me to you bound to me for all to see

And to be mesmerized forever in my endeavor

To love you as much as you love me

Above all the world’s fray as we play

And I sink into your eyes where lies my peace


3 thoughts on “In Your Eyes

  1. Awesome and superb poem and if I may add: In Your Eyes, I see Your Beauty and Tenderness that fills my heart with overflowing happiness and joy. Thanks Jonathan I too will frame a lovely poem. Sometimes the titles of profound poems moves me to write a poem.

    1. Ah Kamal, what a wonderful addition, and I’m so gratified that this poem was inspirational! I can’t wait to read yours! What do you think you will title it??? Blessings to you!

      1. Always welcome my friend. I have named it Your Beautiful Eyes and will post the poem today. Yesterday I already framed lovely verses. Thanks so much for your awesome title. Just loved it and when I read could feel as if I was mesmerized in the beauty of the Lord

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