Hold Me Close

Hold me close, hold me tight, hold me together with all your might

Watch me long, sing your song, stay with me throughout the night

Caress my cheek, unveil my mystique, bright shine on me your light

Lay bare my soul, take care my heart, and send every fright to flight

For I belong to you belonging to me and this is our sweet sung song


5 thoughts on “Hold Me Close

  1. This is also my prayer day and night, Jonathan! Are you taking classes in the summer? I hope you’ll take a break. Are you interested in reviewing my kids book? If you do, I’ll send you a MOBI file to view on Kindle. It’s a large file so it may not go through, so I’ll send you a PDF file also. You have to imagine that you’re taking your son or daughter out somewhere when they were 8 years old. I have your email address. πŸ™‚

    1. Oh Miriam, yes! I’d love a PDF copy! (I don’t have Kindle). I’d love to read it to my nephew, who’s living with us. About classes: Yes, I probably should take a break but, alas, I’ve already signed up for classes. It won’t be to bad, though. I’m working hard and, in faith, believing that I’m going to do okay… God bless you!!!

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