Comfort of brothers in true love’s hold forevermore

With no distance unbridgeable between two hearts

Beating together in symphonious adoration of joy

That comes when simply being together ~ brother

To brother ~ without another betwixt or between

To sever such an heavenly bond forged in the fires

Of eternal flames burning on the altars of Arcadia

As one rests so safely upon the bosom of the other

~ brother companions and lover friends evermore ~


Boyhood Hero, or The Rescuer

For you to make my rescue by silver sharp interruption

Of bland childhood in hues of lovingly brave exaltation

By an insurrection of the heart without incrimination

And my soul dreamed of only your beauty and my duty

To an elegant hero rescuing me from prosaic childhood

For the good of imagination being perfectly understood

With me resting in your strong arms safe from all harm