Marching Forward Undaunted

Marching forward undaunted, lurching forward haunted

By days gone by in vaunted terror, much reckless error,

Bearers of hope, good news, good will, and carefree liberty,

Without sound of fury, nothing to hurry, no reason to worry,

Looking to better days ahead, Love fed, completely satisfied,

Eternity begun, fraternity born, taciturnity turned to kind words,

And this march continues on, only begun, no ending, no bending

. . . marching forward undaunted . . .


Paramvir: Great Warrior

You are the fighter, mightier than any sword, stronger than any word

You are the warrior, travelling light by day, by stealth in dark of night

You are young, your song to be sung loudly, gladly by crowds cheerful

You are dear, brave at heart with no part left to harbor fear nor tears

You are the David who faces Goliath, the shepherd boy to face the lion

You are the earthquake that breaks the enemy for the sake of children

And the gentle folk you defend without any pretense, shame or regret

You are Paramvir . . .