I Need ‘Reeducation Camp’ to Correct My Perspective!

Dare to Question Trump? One Supporter Would Lock You Up for Reorientation

I have known for a bit over two years now that Donald Trump scrapes the bottom of the barrel simply as a matter of everyday, ordinary life. This is and has always been his nature, to wit: that of an ethnocentric, chauvinistic, megalomaniac only interested in advancing his own interests, no matter who it hurts, and generally intent on getting his way in everything, everyday no matter how big or small.

Trump supporters are another case. At first, I really believed most of his supporters were basically ill-informed Never-Hillary Clinton voters, i.e. they simply refused to vote for Clinton, no matter what the alternative. After his first six to eight months in office, though, I began to realize Trump supporters were actually devotees, but I still held out some hope that they might, in certain cases, at least be reasonable.

To the contrary, however, avid Trump supporters, now dubbed “Trumpians,” simply grew more and more devoted and, consequently, increasingly blinded to any and all faults of their President. Eventually, they reached the point of no return, not even daring to question any of his statements and/or actions. To diehard Trumpians, their leader, much like a cult ruler, must always be right … perfect, in fact.

Yesterday, though, I was astounded ~ and, yes, it’s evidently possible for me to still be surprised by Trumpians ~ when one FB association and staunch, intransigent Trump supporter actually responded to my perspective on the Ukraine scandal and, more specifically, Joe and Hunter Biden and their (in his mind) alleged culpability in the whole mess by saying:

If you think the ___________ narrative even approximates the truth, then you need a re-education camp. You’re supporting nonsense…

Ahhh! Reeducation camp??? The only instances in history where you read or hear this terminology is from within totalitarian regimes, i.e. Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, Maoist China, Cuba, etc. Yet here is one alt-right Trump supporter so blind in his loyalty to Trump that he actually went so far as to claim that someone ~ namely me ~ who disagrees with the statements, actions and propaganda of our current POTUS ought to be condemned to a reeducation camp!

TrumpCultIs there any longer any serious question that we now have present in American society a dangerous, socio-political cult centered upon Donald Trump? I think not, and it’s not only lamentable, it is also very frightening. How far will those so blinded by nefarious, hell-spawn lies and propaganda go? There’s no telling, but if history is any indication then actual violence may very well be in the offing. (And really, one could very well argue that alt-right, white supremist Trumpians have already committed acts of violence … numerous times!)

To top off this shocker, after I shared this in a primary post on my FB page, and responded appropriately, another Trumpian, whom I’ve known for umpteen years, actually jumped into the comment section lamenting that I’d become “so negative,” informing me she was sorely disappointed in me. What!!! And not one word about her fellow-Trumpian’ s remark about sending me to a reeducation camp. And I suppose that comment was not at all negative? Well, blind is blind and this is the unfortunate, tragic position of those imprisoned within a cult, religious or political or both.

And so, what now? Can these folks, these alt-right Trumpians, be somehow rescued? Made to see once again the truth of reality? Ah, but that’s just the problem, you see. I’ve come to realize that many, if not most, of these people have never actually had a good grasp on reality. Rather they’ve lived in a mostly white, Anglo-Saxon, evangelical, Protestant bubble, where until historically quite recently they’ve been quite safe and secure, unthreatened because they were in the majority and mostly calling the shots.

American society has drastically changed over the last two to three decades, though, and deep inside they’ve had to come to terms with the fact that they’re no longer in the driver’s seat, thus their deeply felt-need for Trump: loud-mouthed, crass, dictatorial bully (and buffoon), who promises to cater to all of their wants and wishes, even turning back the historical clock to a time when America was “their country.” And this is patently obvious in the way they speak, often referring to “saving our country.”

Later on, in another defense of Trump, the same alt-right intransigent supporter simply excused the President’s wrongdoing straight across the board, charging:

 Stop being naïve; this is the way it’s always worked… It’s how the game is played. Get over it!

Oh really? Just get over it? Get over my own country, this wonderful constitutional democracy, being taken over by a fascist megalomaniac and his radical, dangerous cult followers? Uh … hell no!!!