From Where Does Evil Come?

From where does evil come, to lurk so deep in the human heart?

From where or whom was born the dark art, this diabolic part?

Why does humanity so suffer, and where is the heavenly buffer?

Why so much sin that begins again and again with no end in sight?

And how do we fight our depraved nature, light our own dark path?

Why so many white-washed sepulchers in endless rows in sight?

And who hears the newborn cries of life as another aged dies alone?

Mark an appeal to the God of mercy amid the controversy of existence

In persistent chase after an answer without resistance, but assistance,

But how shall we know that holy quiesce never having tasted peace?

So comes the Prince of Peace to grant us lease on an eternity of serenity,

And joy without tears, fear, spears of war and battle gear for earthen drear


Watchers Watching: Sound the Bell

Just close your eyes to sleep in sweet dreams from the cream of imagination

But your destination to damnation will not change for what you do not see

For the Watchers are here and there and everywhere so near my dear boy

And they love to toy with your immortal soul to punch a hole in your heart

At the start of another night of terror from which there is no escape flight

While they scream laughter to heighten the height of fear of the hereafter 

As close as the cold air you rhythmically suck into your now-burning lungs

Twisting and turning your mind into an altogether bind of hellish images

Which are now all-too real all to seal your earthly doom in your coffin bed

And how was it you never believed truth revealed down through the ages

That these dark Watchers are really real and always bound to be around?

So say night-night prayers and dare to be brave beneath layers of covers

For they’re coming in nightmare reality from which you will not wake … 

So sleep so silently, meekly mild child, if you can but watch for Watchers

For they are here for fear and ever so near but not for tears of repentance

They hunger for your very life bloodied by blade made in the fires of hell

So sound the bell now, child … sound the bell

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