Ode to Light and Life

So often haughty and arrogant under the guise of humility,

Wayward in my soul and mind, and anything but sublime,

Chasing empty dreams, cream of fantasy, so unfulfilling,

Entrapped by my own futile imagination in utter rejection

Of truth in the light of eternity shone by God, who is life,

To only exist in pain, lame in spirit, dying without living,

Not having courage for honesty, nor bravery for sanctity,

Weeks and years have been awash in meaninglessness,

Yet now is the precise time to believe, to trust and to work

As if there is no longer any tomorrow to happily prepare

With complete lack of despair, yet with intention to repair

So carefully what was nearly undone so very long ago,

And so now, too, there is hope within griping darkness

As the Light finally begins to shine, first through a crack,

Promising daylight when rises the everlasting Son of Life

To give life to this self-wounded soul to make it whole,

And the adventure continues on . . . 


Holding On to Sing My Song

Holding on for something clear, for someone near, dear to my heart

And in arms so strong, so safe, never wrong to sing my timid song

Along this crowded path, hearing shouted danger ever nearing now

Squeezing panicky people together under heavy weather of rainfall

Drenching each one in an uninvited monsoon to drown out my tune

Yet this melody keeps on flowing from my lips, blowing in the storm

Because you are here, too, where we can love and be so very free

To one day dance round the Tree of Life with no more need to flee

Sublime Climb to Renewal

Tanaga Tuesday

There is hope for tomorrow
But work to be done today
With some lingering sorrow
Amidst the battlefield fray

And we will make no pretense
Of attitudes quite sublime
While walking thru forest dense
As upward, onward we climb

We do not know the ending
Only that it will be good
While we are slow ascending
Into renewed childhood

Note: The Tanaga is written in quatrains with seven syllables per line and originally with a rhyme scheme of  a a a a,  b b b b,  c c c c,  but in contemporary composition may be  a b a b,  c d c d,  etc. or any other consistent rhyme scheme.

Good to be Me

⊕  Septanelle Saturday  ⊕


Good to be me

Upon the rolling waves

Of this sea of life by divine decree

With much to save

Till I come home at last

Leaving behind me the withering past

All to be free


Note: The Septanelle is a verse form in seven lines with a syllable count of 4, 6, 10, 4, 6, 10, 4 and a rhyme scheme of a b a b c c a.  

Sailing Into the Sun

Wordflair Wednesday

Broken . . .
Upon the hardest rocks of painful reality
While this ship sails into the setting sun
To an abandoned land none should see
With only empty tales told one by one
To an audience captured in melancholy
But this will not be our death knell folly

Hopeful . . .
In westward sailing despite all danger
While we sing through bitterest tears
Soothing our souls against rising anger
While releasing all of our bygone years
Tho’ darkness clothes us at holy Diwali
But this will not be our death knell folly

Living . . .
In a state of specially undeserved grace
When now all this points heavenward
So within the moonlight we see our face
Hearing angel songs we’ve never heard
Tho’ the life of our life be ever so faulty
But this will not be our death knell folly


Note: The Wordflair consists of six lines per stanza. Line1 is only one single word used to convey mood and theme. Line 1, 2, 3, 4 follow a rhyming scheme of abab, while lines 5 and 6 form a rhyming couplet of cC. Finally, line six of the first stanza is repeated in the last line of following stanzas.

Hole in My Heart: Longing

Hole in my heart blown apart by life in the world around me

Into which we’ve been hurled by Necessity’s unfeeling hands

With bands wrapped round the whole of my soul for control

By an unseen dark fiend like an unredeemed mournful man

And so my somber spirit longs to belong to some sweet song

Of salvation’s keep within the deep recesses of heaven’s store

Like ne’er before in adoring only you my truest Companion

So handsomely arrayed in gold-laid finery with Self so filled

With Life and Light and Love and Truth and Beauty as well

Bless Another Soul

Feet to walk, mouths to kindly talk, lips for a kiss

But do we miss an opportunity to bless someone?

Hands to hold, eyes so bold, and two ears to hear

But do we fear those sacred souls near and dear?

And as Gaia spins round the sun we’ve just begun

To learn how to love while we forget how to hate,

For we turn on the axis of love of heaven above…


Heart gilded in gold compassion with laces of love

Never wearied by any worry born of fretful fear

And you are so dear to me so truly near my soul

Always abiding with an affection never subsiding

Along with songs sung so sweetly to comfort me

As your eyes open into an infinite sea of solace

So serene with an opulence of treasured peace

And joy bringing me rest in the folds of eternity

With my head so safely laid upon your bosom

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God Talking: Message of Love

Message from God to Me:

I know you. I’ve always known you. Better than you know yourself. And I love you. I love you with an unconditional, undying love. This will never change.

Really, I knew you before you were even born. Not that your whole life was carved in stone. You were born into endless possibilities. The possibilities and potentials are still endless. But no matter what, I have loved you. I love you now. I will always love you.

But you know what? Even more than this, I truly believe in you. That’s right. Despite any and all faults, failings and shortcomings, I really believe in you. And this is because I really do know you.

I see you. I hear you. Even when you don’t speak out loud, I hear your heart cries. I am fully aware of what you need, want and desire. And I get it. I understand. And you know, I am even aware of deeper needs and desires of which you know nothing … yet.

And I’ve got you covered, child… I’ve got you covered. So don’t listen to the naysayers, critics and backbiters. Don’t pay any attention to people who only pretend to care and only say they have your best interest in mind. They’ll just tear you down.

And you’ve been especially hurt recently, haven’t you? Yes, I know, and you know what? It hurt me, too … and it pissed me off. Hey, don’t worry. I’ll take care of all that. I just need for you to be okay and, well … that’s the reason for this note.

I’m with you. I’m in you. I’m all around you. And I’m not going to leave you. I’m going to walk with you, breathe with you, love you, and comfort you … always and forever. And I swear to you, it’s all going to work out. It’s going to be fine. Just trust me.

I have never given up on you, and I never will. Just you don’t give up on yourself. No matter what others may say. No matter how cold and callous they may be. Even if they give up on you, stop believing in you. Don’t you do it! Don’t you dare give up! Don’t you dare stop believing in yourself. I never will. Remember this!

If I can wrap my arms around you, hold you, accept and completely understand you because I want you so much, then guess what? It doesn’t really matter what “they” say, what “they” think, how “they” feel about you. You just need to love and accept yourself, and be good to yourself. Be peaceful, understanding, and compassionate with yourself.

Finally, having said all this, I hereby give you permission to remove yourself from out of harm’s way. I give you permission to just cut out those parts of your life that are hurtful, damaging … that tear you down. Even if that means certain people. And, yes, hard as it can be, sometimes it’s necessary to bid farewell to certain individuals. 

Now, look up and laugh and live. We’ve got this! Together. You and me … and lots of other people, of course, who genuinely love, understand, and accept you. Yes, they’re still there. They’re still around and part of your life. You’re just having a hard time seeing this at the moment because you’re hurting. But you’re not alone! Really never have been and never will be. So smile, my child, and be at peace.

Wild Ride

Off the sidelines, wile ride, run and hide

But life won’t wait, boy, so take the bait

Of pumping adrenaline you can’t escape

Before we crash and burn in torn pages

Of all the past ages of history, our story,

An unexpected tale of historic confusion

With little expectation of any redemption

Yet will your love surely save our souls

From the hounds of hell on this wild ride

As we duck and hide and abide together

In some long lost forever land at hand

But still unseen on this wild ride of life

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