Did I Lose Your Love? (In Lune)

Did I lose your love
Precious Dove,
Fallen from above?

Oh, can I regain
Once again
One who has been slain?

Will you have mercy
Toward me;
Will you hear my plea?

In this universe
Life grows worse,
With love the inverse.

Please come back to me,
Wild and free;
May we now agree?

Can you see my pain
With no gain,
And my blackened stain?

Come again and stay
In your way,
I do hope and pray!


Open to Me Again (In Lune)

Do you hear my cry?
Or my sigh?
Do you see me try?

Oh! The anguished pain!
Am I sane?
Or stuck on this train?

Forgive me my sins,
Start again,
Life we will regain.

Oh, choose me once more;
Let us soar
And once more adore!

Leave me not alone
Cold as stone,
But pick up the phone!

Talk and walk with me;
Do not balk,
But your door unlock…

Note: Thank you to Manan Unleashed for introducing me to the Lune form of poetry. I quite enjoyed the challenge and satisfaction of this (another) unique approach!