A Marriage Sonnet

Thou hast stolen my heart, thou thief of love!
And do I rest upon thy bosom like the dove?
Soft and supple am I now in thine own hands,
Nor dost thou require to keep me with bands,
Save strands of thy passion and compassion;
Now thy love alone be for me sufficient ration,
And I do not forsake thee for fear of starvation,
For leaving thy side wouldst be deprivation;
And could I find another home I will not dare,
For the nature of thy love is indeed very rare;
So to thee do I bring myself and closely cling,
And beg thee to let our wedding bells ring,
For I have none other song but thee to sing,
And I have no gift but mine own self to bring


What Have You Lost?

It’s not the same anymore with a broken heart;
I walk and talk with you, and it tears me apart!
Yes there are smiles all the while but so vacant
And I just want to cry because I do know
That day we really did say our ‘goodbye;’
It was an ending without any new beginning
But you made your choice with definite voice
And now you’re left alone to just pretend,
Yet fail to apprehend what you have done;
But perhaps I’m wrong and you’re really strong
And at peace with a new lease on living this life;
Ahh! But then you seem to have cut yourself off
From anyone who ever genuinely cared for you!
O what’ve you lost for the sake of that albatross!
But who am I to say?
. . .
It’s not the same anymore with a broken heart;
I walk and talk with you, and it tears me apart!

Do You Still Dream of Me?

Ah! Do you still dream of me as your companion to be?
Do you still picture me as a fixture in your pretty life?
Oh, but don’t you know I have nothing more to show?
But you still persist in insisting that I am a better man
Than ever I have allowed myself to believe
And you will relieve me of all my burdens
And receive me as I am because you see more than me!
Are you certain or should we just bring the curtain down
On this stage play right here, right now, this very day?
But you say, ‘No, this is no mere show but real truth!’
You say, ‘You are much more than some boar in life!’
You say, ‘I can see who you are and all that you can be;
So trust me to be who and what I am in your life, too!’
And yet I have nothing to give for even myself to live,
So what can I give unto you . . . except myself so true?
Ah! Do you still dream of me as your companion to be?

Oh Sister! Needless Complexity in Life

Profusion of confusion
Complexity of perplexity
Exclusion of conclusion

And you feel wired and tired at the same time
And you feel cheery and weary at the same time

Ignoring the real-time life crisis
Trying psychological zymolysis
Result is your psychic cytolysis

And you are in a turmoil
Your brain about to boil
From the truth you recoil

But . . . this is your life, so rife with pain, no gain,
And this is your choice to ignore your inner voice,
So what am I to say? This is certainly not my way!
I truly do love you and wish you all the best
And eventually, one day, peace and rest . . .
One day, some way
Someday, I do pray

Don’t Fall in Love with Me

Oh no, don’t fall in love with me!
My life is like the turbulent sea;
My soul is a labyrinthine mystery,
And you would quake at what you
Find in the quagmire of my mind!

Oh no, don’t fall in love with me!
My life is a bog covered with fog;
My nights are blighted with fright,
And you would get lost and tossed
About and chilled by my cold frost!

Oh no, don’t fall in love with me!
My life is at least mostly the beast
As I ceased long ago to belong to
Humanity, choosing an anonymity
With no amenity to lovers like you!

Oh no, don’t fall in love with me!
This is my most desperate plea!
Turn away and walk into the day!

Note: When I first wrote this poem in November 2016 I actually did not think it was one of my best, but as it turned out it happened to be a favorite among my readers. Now, within one day, there has been quite some renewed interest in this poem; therefore, it is being republished for the enjoyment (and hopefully appreciation) of new reader-followers. All the best to all with peace and blessings!

Caught in Tangled Webs

And the Innocent Weep

Oh, indeed, the tangled webs people weave
To only end in grieving so many innocents!

Married man is attracted to woman with boyfriend,
And he sends her many messages of romantic love,
Which she happily receives like an harmless dove,
Never dissuading him, though not quite persuading

Married man calls her and this does not appall her;
No, she talks to him and never balks at his advances;
She calls him ‘sweetie’, never blackballing this man,
She even lunches with him, adding to a lustful hunch

Married man is excited and delighted in his progress
While she vindicates herself as being ‘only a friend,’
But indicates she would certainly like to go out again,
And the man begins to imagine his romantic chances

Ah! but he is caught and so is she … now what will be?
Now the woman turns as a viper ‘n burns against him;
She shouts harassment from the basement of her soul
And pretends that she only intended to help this man

She even has the audacity to claim her mate knew it,
Yes, knew all about it, telling her lies, selling her soul;
But her bowl of bold statements is filled with holes,
And the man’s wife knows as reality grows upon her

Oh, indeed, the tangled webs people weave
To only end in grieving so many innocents!

Intricate, intimate ligaments that bind and destroy
Leaving victims broken with only sham tokens of . . .
Forgotten love??? Yes, forgotten and forsaken, too;
Both were wrong; will they end where they belong?

Oh, indeed, the tangled webs people weave
To only end in grieving so many innocents!

Demands of Reality

Is it wrong to dream, to ever sail the clouds of fantasy?
To escape your agony in some kind of numinous alchemy?
Ah! But to grant mindless amnesty to your known enemy!
To twist reality into absentee truth in a sea of abuse???
Dreams are often heavenly cream to the tarnished soul,
But fantasia can be as dangerous as the jungles of Asia!
So why are you sipping tea amid the debris of your home?
Why are you dancing with the devil again
When you know he will ultimately win???
Why are you taking the bait and waiting for genuine love?
You already know the grand show ‘n how it always goes!
You take your cue from voices inside your head
And then gladly give the devil his due . . . foolish!
When the hell are you going to take a stand and demand
What is right, before night comes when there is no light?
You live in frightful contradiction, giving in to addiction
Of fantastical scenes that never were nor ever will be!
Oh my dear one! You bit the Disney chip long, long ago
And decided to forgo living real life in the real world . . .
No, it is not wrong to dream,
But very dangerous to give in
To the schemes of false voices, making such sick choices!
Dammit! Drive the devil from your home
And let him write his own tome alone!
Step out of Wonderland, take the band of Truth in hand,
And walk and talk in brutal honesty . . .
Sometimes reality makes this demand!

Emerald Eyes of Love and Justice

What do your sharp emerald eyes see
Among all of this heartbreaking debris?
An end of false love but a new beginning
Just round the next bend with singing?
What do your sharp emerald eyes speak
As they peek into the mystical future?
Will there be nurture for the forsaken?
Will she awaken to a new, brighter life
No longer rife with pain
And lighter joy to gain?
What do your emerald eyes now promise?
Will there be healing in kneeling prayer?
So much distorting, so much comforting
Is needed . . . and surely you have heeded
Her cries rising to the skies, without lies?
Protect her now from the obscene snake
For the sake of her own innocent purity!
What do your sharp emerald eyes see?
An obscene man who breathes iniquity?
And shall you give this man any reprieve
Or force him to tuck his tail and leave?

And the Serpent Found a Wife

How can we raise a paean to such a saurian
Without playing the part of the tragedienne?
He is an ugly reptile of grotesque formation,
Curse of creation and symbol of damnation!
But one might rightly suppose that everyone
Deserves an encomium no matter the odium;
‘Give the devil his due’ may be true
But you knew precious little praise
Would be raised up for his person
When you took the bait and sealed your fate
At an altar with many witnesses to tragedy!
Now an agony comes in living your phantasy
Without any approbation for the ruination
Of your life because those who do love you
Esteem you too much to offer such a crutch!
No, there is no commendation
For your double-headed snake,
Only resignation for your sake;
But most of us keep out of sight
To sidestep his poisonous bite,
And you might have done the same but . . .
You’re left alone to hear his seething tone!
So, how can we raise a paean to this saurian
Without playing the part of the tragedienne?
Our only urge is to intone your funeral dirge!