No Need for Conflict

We need not be adversaries, said the spirit to the mind, we can bury the hatchet,

But the mind was very wary, and could not long tarry to undo its own latchet,

And so the spirit would bend, but not the mind, to obtain a better brighter end,

One in which soul and science cooperate on problem issues both small and great,

There need be no conflict, said the spirit to the mind, no reason to afflict or convict,

Just living together in peace in our own place, face to face in God’s grace


Cathedral of the Mind

In the Cathedral of the mind where you bind every thought,

Yet running wild in the half light, child free and unbeguiled,

No greater chance, no better time than to prance and dance

In the Cathedral of the Mind

Here in low luminescence of the night you might take flight

To regions unknown, blown far afield what to be shown

In the Cathedral of the Mind

Dancing Thru Dreamland

Strange things dare to appear in dreamland with sands of time flowing above,

Somehow, somewhere to dare sleep slip away lest she have something to say,

After all, night is day in the fertile fields of dreamland as spacious as my soul,

Yet there is an ubiquitous emptiness in the fullness of the mystic meanderings,

Wanderings wondering where we are going in, around and through absurdity

As odd broken thoughts flit about here and there in the eclectic eccentricity

That only a sleeping psyche can conjure without conjecture in senseless beauty

In dubious duty to slumber so sanguine, never languid, causing anguish of mind

In binding it to such bizarre bazaars of mixed recollections and new tales told

Without rhyme or reason in the lullaby season in treason against rationality,

But this is dreamland, after all, where the banality of my reality is left behind

Forever Free in Atman

Fierce, fiery life freely flowing in me, through me, into you, through you

So new, so true, so pure to ignite in the soul an unadulterated coup

Meant to liberate from desolation, privation and divine reprobation,

So we feel overwhelmed and compelled to kneel, to heal in life so surreal,

So very serene, across the ravine of space and time to an unseen union

Of heart, mind and soul, combined into one chi forever free in atman,

To wander ever together in cosmic pastures of endless delight in sight

Safe in Your Narrow-Mindedness

It’s easier to believe what you believe when everyone else is wrong, right?
To walk blindly through the night when you deny the reality of the light?
And it’s easier being a big fish in a small pond than it is to swim in the sea,
Or to be a grand tree in a backyard garden than a sprout within some forest,
To sing soliloquies to your mirrored image than to join some festive choir,
So suggestive of frailties you try to hide as you abide in a self-made world,
But is such abject dearth worth the emptiness of such a vacuous existence?
When the world around abounds in mystical beauty and sensuous luster?
When you are welcome to make your home neath the dome of kind skies,
Where everyone is greeted with opened arms, friendly faces, warm kisses,
And embraces appropriate in a family of wondrous, affectionate diversity,
And love that upholds one’s soul thru adversity with no minatory perfidy?
Ah, but you cling to cerebral idols erected in your narrow, mental temple,
And at what cost, but that of the integrity and life of your very own soul!