Ride to Nowhere

Welcome to the ride nowhere, somewhere around the corner,

Bound for some new world of fantasy as the whistle sounds,

Eerie looking ahead to make your bed in the nether lands,

Or with bands of nomads on desert plain to sustain living,

Believing there is more uptrack, but little in your haversack,

As the journey into eternity is a neverending bending reality,

What you see thru the glass as it all passes by in banality,

A totality of new abnormality in an endless dimensionality

Ziggurats of Peace

Ziggurats tower high above the world of diplomats and bureaucrats,

Above the clouds of earthen concerns of loud crowds of plutocrats,

Above republicans, democrats, and dealers in their corporate habitats,

Reaching up to heavenly borders where gods reside and angels abide,

Far from the clamor of dramatic glamour with no enamor, no upside,

And will we have to descend from this place we cannot comprehend

But love for the peace it affords to bind our chords to the world again?

Sing Sweet Muses

Beauty speaks to beauty in musical harmony of muses

So sing to me sweet songs of serenity for heart’s security

And let me live in your love among lovely children carefree

Never ceasing relentless search for peace among peaceful people

With no dagger more dangerous that kind words and an open heart

So my departure is ne’er depressed in descending into such a scene

That I might live, too, in more than sight of paint on cold canvass

If you will but sing songs of serenity for such son as I am

Covered Up Safe

And he’ll keep me warm and safe tonight against this unholy, frozen blight,

Frightening though it be for me, tightening of the throat, and face whitening,

You can trace the lines of fear of things far and near, and in my heart hear terror,

Except for the wings that cover me, bringing calm peace, singing serenity,

Giving me new identity in an absurd outpouring of love, mercy and grace.

Three as One Love

An effusion of words, washing over one another like waves on the beach,

Excitement palpable, three souls compatible, each with another love speech,

Everlasting commitments made in one covenantal union never to breach,

Three companions become one while still remaining uniquely three,

And how can this be?

Love binds together like air the earth and sea,

So they eternally sing together their heavenly melody

And the River Runs

From the beginning of Space and Time the River with chimes of heaven

Flowing ceaselessly, knowing its own destiny, showing its creative power

Flanked by banks of life in myriad colors in the period of temporal existence

With persistence to create, defying the fates of ugly gloom and doom

Making no room for defeat, no need to repeat, she sits in the seat of wisdom

And the River runs though it all, filling humanity’s trawl with Light and Love

Ah! From the beginning of Space and Time the River with chimes of heaven

. . . with the chimes of heaven . . .