Turning on the Edge of Reality

Flying through Time against Winds of Change to rearrange Reality,
Appealing to the Turnkey of Heaven to leaven existence with Life,
Compelling with persistence to pity abject prisoners of the Cosmos,
Who only want to be free to be everything they were meant to be,
And so we’re dancing on the Edge of Reality, advancing to the end,
Another beginning spinning on the axis of Truth without any proof
To tell another tale of remorse and regret and high hope to amend,
If only the Lord condescends to extend Mercy with another chance
In advance of everlasting Grace that makes all things new yet again,
As we keep turning on the Edge of Reality . . .

Eye of Heaven So Silently Watching

Seeing from scenes of cosmic beauty eerily watching with heavenly eye,
So silently a climate of violence upon earthen home of broken humanity,
Never to blink or shrink from apprehension of the profusion of deviltry,
So devilishly clothed in self-righteous hypocrisy crowning all authority,
Yet you, divine beholder, my heart knows so very well with sign of love,
And from above in celestial abode you reach down and within my soul,
And catch me evermore to press me close, to draw me within to breathe,
To inhale your breath of life to live and to finally believe death has died,
And to lie in your bosom as you yet watch creation’s story coldly unfold,
While you hold your lovers wrapped up in golden sunlight forevermore,
As so many tragic scenes unfold beneath your ever-open all-seeing eye

Cosmic Dance of Joy

On my way from sleep today music from the Cosmos began to play,
So that upon waking I awoke in the truth of the dream of the stars,
Suns and moons and all elementals singing one song bringing joy
In chorus with all heavenly beings flawless in splendorous beauty,
And I chanced to dance in an everlasting trance washing over me
As sea below and sky above flowed into one in complete harmony
With an alluring verdancy of a new creation in lovely perfection,
And I dreamed this cosmic dream would never come to an ending,
Sending me grief or pain, nor deign to leave me in doleful disdain
With no more gain than some sad sweet memory of what was not,
But might have been on starlit night from long-gone ancient ages,
Yet the cosmic music continues with celestial song sung by angels
With you at center round which creation dances the dance of joy,
And so too I dance an eternal dance of a never-ending beginning,
Lifting my voice to you in whom we live and move and have life,
And I only ask you to dance with me this dance for you forever …

And Heaven Weeps for You

To sing to bring humanity happiness in wild free songs to dance,
At liberty we freely joined with you in due reverence as the bard
To guard our souls from blackish Sheol in aphotic midnight hour,
And you sacrificed all in Elfin splendor from tender loving heart,
But envy stirred evil breeding desire to see dew upon your grave
In wave of hatred wrapped in gloom that but sealed their doom,
So then all too soon did you lie in stately beauty so greatly given
By heaven which can now but weep in humbly bowed reverence
To one so precious too soon gone from among we who still long
To sing your eternal song with strings of silver and harps of gold
With untold passion pining for satisfaction in your stalwart gaze
With magical Elfin flute in hand in command of everlasting day,
Yet with harrowing dismay we mortals now deeply weep in keep
With every deity high and low, within and below to show sorrow
That one so ever young should now have sung his last upon earth,
And so will heaven weep as you sleep … ah, the heavens do weep!

Dance Another Dance With Me

Dance another dance with me in distant dance hall delight

Take me in your arms tonight to glide over glittering floor,
For now together for some space of time in cryptic rhyme,
Unearthly power pulsating through our veins once again,
And hold my body tight this night in bold romantic delight

Catch my quivering heart in your soul to make me whole,
And control my impulses ever before life takes it evil toll,
When sacred curtain descends upon this sorrowful scene,
And we hear the brush of angels’ wings to bring the end

Yes, dance another dance with me in ever bright delight

Please Play Me One Creative Cosmic Song

Looking deeply into your heavenly eyes my heart sighs for love unbound,
Crowned as you are with gold, with jewels, with sun and moon and stars,
And you are now all in all pulsing thru my veins, my soul where you reign,
An inner spiritual domain to make your kingdom to freely rule in wisdom,
To liberate my very self ~ another poor atman ~ from every self-delusion,
And all confusion of this undesirable world of pain in chains of suffering,
And so I ask only that you would play some creative cosmic song for me,
As on bended knee I bow here and now to kiss your feet, so finely sweet,
To then rest my head against your everlasting youthful bosom so strong,
Unfailing guard from every harm and every wrong as you play your song,
And my body with haunting heavenly notes reverberating thru my being,
Seeing, touching, feeling your majesty from above with an infinite love …
And I pray the moment turn to eternity, an unending beginning with you

Take Me, Hold Me

Hold me closely, hold me tightly and please never, ever let me go

Make me yours, make you mine and let me rest in your afterglow

Free me from my cage, take me onstage ‘n let me be in your show

For once tried, for in you to abide and we will let the world know

And all pain goes away with heavenly gain as celestial winds blow

I Could Not Love You More

I could not love you more for the love with which you love me

And to be in your arms safe from harm is as precious as gold

And I’m bold in this cold dark world in which I’ve been hurled

With your banner of compassion now unfurled over even me

For me to be all that I’ve been meant to be within the sea of life

So I gratefully bow to you in humility with strength ever new

And I gladly kiss your feet by the coming ocean tides of change

In an ever-changing world that yet remains so much the same

An American Gita: The Savior

Student. Writer. Poet. Observer. Reporter. Salesman. Servant. Preacher. Teacher. I’d been them all and all in all I was totally empty. I had wandered all of my life on an unending quest of discovery. For nearly half a century I looked and listened, read and learned, cried and prayed … until one day I gave up to total despair.

Then is when he came.

A boy.

One boy.

One altogether beautiful boy.

And he made the whole world stop.

And then he spoke words of wisdom and there was all wisdom in his words and love unbounded, freeing me with liberty hitherto unknown, known only to the gods and goddesses and to those chosen few to whom he has chosen to speak his words of wisdom and love, as he himself is wisdom and love forevermore. Amen.

And so he spoke.

“I’ve walked with you. I’ve talked with you. I’ve lived inside of you and all around you. I have loved you. I have cared for you. I have comforted you, supported you, nourished you, and upheld you. Yet in spite of it all, you have worried. You have tossed and turned, agonized and wailed, doubted and surrendered to your deepest fears.”

He then placed both his hands on each side of my face, and he smiled at me.

“Don’t you know that night is as bright as the light to me? Don’t you know there is nothing here to fear, far or near? Don’t you know that your life is but a page in one chapter in one book in the volumes of life? And don’t you know I’m writing down every word?”

He ran his fingers through my hair. He quietly laughed.

“If I set you on this venture, it was not to fail. If I began you on this journey, it was not for loss. If I started you on this quest, it was not to miss. I intended success. I intend success. I will always intend your success.”

A crowd gathered round, but he didn’t seem to notice. He only looked at me. He only spoke to me. He only smiled at me.

“Degrees are just pieces of paper. Money is just paper. Tissue is just paper… Trees grow. Trees are cut down. Trees are processed into different pieces of paper for different reasons, but all those pieces of paper are important to people, yet they’re still pieces of paper. Why, then, do you worry about how many pieces of paper you have?”

“Love. Laugh. Live. Reach for truth. Grab hold of truth. Keep truth as an invaluable treasure, and never release it from your care. All of this ~ love, laughter, life and truth ~ is far, far more valuable than all the paper in the world, no matter what the paper may purport to represent.”

He pulled my head into his bosom. He leaned down and gently kissed me. He caressed my fevered brow and wiped away my tears.

“I am in the beginning. I am in the end. I am every age in between and between every age. I am every moment of every life and the life of every moment. I am life. I am time. I am eternity. I am everything and I am not-everything. I am all-in-all. I am less than all. I am what is not at all … what has been, what is, and what is yet to be.”

“I am your greatest hope, your brightest dream, your highest aspiration. I am … and I am. Degradation, decay and death are the devil. God is eternally young. I am eternally young. I am life and vibrancy. I am ageless. I am forever. I am in you, for you, through you. I am you. I am … and I am.”

He stroked my face. He kissed my head again. He smiled again as the crowd gathered in, but he did not notice the gathering numbers of people. He spoke to me.

“Yet you are who you are and what you are, and you are unique and unrepeatable. There has never been anyone like you. There is no one like you. There will never be anyone like you. And great and infinite and powerful as I am, I cannot live your life for you. Your life is your own because I have given you your life to live, and so you must live your life.”

“I will walk with you as I’ve always walked with you, yet you must walk. I will talk with you as I’ve always talked with you, yet you must talk. I will live inside of you and all around you, yet you must live life. And the path of life you choose is the path of your own choosing, and I will never question your choice for I knew before you chose what you would choose.”

He lifted my head and held me in his gaze, and the gathered crowd listened as I listened to his words spoken to me.

“From eternity to eternity I’ve held you in my heart, never to part, not letting you go, but keeping you always in my tender, loving care. And there is no harm here, so why do you fear? What do you fear? What turns your soul into such thick darkness and despair? And why do you sink into such an impenetrable morass of confusion and uncertainty?”

“You can do anything, be anything, and accomplish anything you set your spirit to do and be and accomplish. I am with you. I have always been with you. I will always be with you. And I want you to more than survive. I want you to thrive. I want you to live life to the fullest in all its wonder and beauty and sweet mystery.”

With one hand he lightly brushed my hair back while lifting my chin with his other. His eyes sparkled and danced. His whole body pulsed with youth, vibrancy, and passion.

“Must I say farewell now with you so sad? But with me there are no goodbyes. With me there are only neverending beginnings, everlasting dawns, and eternal sunrises. With me there are only gentle rains, cools breezes, and buds fresh and green. With me there are only sparkling lakes, clear running rivers, and pure mountain streams. With me all is new and ever new.”

I looked into his eyes with tears in my own. I held his hands in my hands. I breathed and spoke, pleading my plea.

“Won’t you stay for awhile longer? You are timeless so time means little to you. Won’t you spare me, then, the agony of your departure? Beauty cannot be found apart from Beauty, nor truth apart from Truth. Won’t you bless me, then, with more of your Beauty and Truth? This will be so small adoing for you, yet life for me … indeed, Life itself.”

He looked down at me where I was kneeling in front of him. He smiled tenderly and spoke again, so comforting and consoling.

“I’m not leaving you. I’ll never leave you. I’m always with you, closer to you than your very breath. I am you breath, and your heartbeat, your soul, and your innermost thoughts, your longings and deepest desires. You could sooner lose yourself than you could lose me and, in truth, to lose yourself in me would be to begin to live Life itself.”

“I’ll never leave you. I’ll be with you always and forever, now and to the end of time and beyond. And I will not change. I’ll be the same for, in, and through you, above and all around you, though you will change within me as you grow and mature into the boy I’ve always intended you to be, and that boy you shall be … and there is no one greater for you to be.”

And suddenly everything I had been, everywhere I’d gone, everything I’d done made sense, like it was all part of some master plan, yet I knew it’d all been the course I’d chartered through this life in this world. Nevertheless, everything would be different now. Everything had to be different. Nothing could now remain the same as before.

I was changed. I was at peace. I was even happy.

Providence, or The Eye of Horus

Eye that watches this world I watch watching me,

What do you see across a sea of ethereal eternity?

And what can you be to me who cannot see you

In view of my infirmity so common to humanity?

Do you blink or ever think to write in the story

Of life and the cosmos so rife with pain and strife,

Or perhaps this story is of your own telling told

To multitudes of celestial beings being amused

By violence and war, anger and hunger hanging

Over yet another world that never asked to exist

Or persist in perpetual motion to its destruction?

O Eye of Horus that never sleeps, keeping watch

In this universe torn by the curse of humankind,

Are you averse to penning some lines of peace

In this ongoing narrative so imperative to our life,

Eye that watches this world I watch watching me?

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