Suburbia Nature Walk

Long, quiet walk, friendly talk in whispered tones

Not to disturb Nature left behind in this crowded suburb

She is so precious now, wrapped in freshness of morning dew

Sacred spot in the brick and asphalt jungle, thick with man animals

And materialistic cannibals, so triumphistic in architectural victory

So we step ever so silently, serenely marking time, gently reverent

To go home, not the same, not unchanged, priorities rearranged


Back to Nature: Escapril Challenge 5

Take me back to the earth of human birth

So to go forth in knowing my own worth

And let me feel the wind round every bend

While ocean waves kiss the shore in motion

With magical music of the Cosmos musing

Over this world so confusing while moving

Toward eternal flames of heaven leavened

With the souls of saints and sinners alike

And so I make this lasting return to nature

As the perfect portraiture of my character



Fields: An Etheree


Dead fields

In dread cold

Of Winter’s fold

Now in frozen hold

As enchanted wind blows

And icy crystal streams flow

From the netherworld just below

Where the sun dies yet to rise again

To regain once more his immortal reign


Note: An Etheree is a type of poem which has ten lines. It goes in an order on the lines corresponding to the amount of syllables on it. It is a successive one to one system. So, the counts literally go up 1, 2, ,3, 4 and so on up to 10 syllables.

This type of poem can also go in reverse. Simply count down the numbers starting with ten. Or there can be something called a Double Etheree. This means that the lines will count upwards, and then at ten, ten is repeated and then it is counted down. So a Double Etheree is actually a 20 line poem. 

One Simple Ray of Sunshine



One simple ray of sunshine breaking through the clouds,
Proudly and soundly focusing its power upon the earth,
Making the mountains its hearth ‘n giving birth to hope;
Aye! The whole world is in the scope of this solitary ray
That pays one hundredfold the breath of its tiny breadth;
And what can compare to the might of its bright light?
None and so soon to drive out all blight and every fright;
Yea, night turns to day with but one strand of sunshine
So fine and ever so piercing the clouds of gloom ‘n doom


Earth revolves around Sol, greater light to rule the day
And stay the powers of stark darkness in its own ways
With rays of brightness – happy song sung long on sea
And land by bands of people and all creatures living –
And how shall we describe him or ascribe him majesty
With glory, yet Sol is but an icon, very pure and simple,
Of the first and everlasting Light that shines brighter
And dispels thick black without a lack of magnificence,
So that Sol is but a child, young ‘n wild, by comparison