Eternal Love with Love

Just to curl up to your side, confide my soul into you, forever here to abide,

To put aside lamentations that coincide with newfound love for you, so true,

In new life that you imbue with sacred love too deep to express in words.

While white-winged birds fly the sky above in celebration of the exaltation

Of divine-human romance that began and has no ending without pretending,

For this is the real of all reality that this poor soul forever pined in his mind,

And heart, for that is the greater part.

Lamentation of Eve

Questions endlessly come on endless days filled with endless toil in tilling hard earth,

My wandering mind wondering what it is we wanted so very much for such waste,

But, then, did we know better before embarking on the voyage of greater knowledge?

Could we have discerned the difference twixt good and evil with lack of discernment?

And yet you blamed us … you blamed me for destruction, death and damnation of all!

And do you expect me to forgive, when God is incapable of passing by one infraction?

Ah, but this is the consequence, that we should be ever cut off from your communion.

And this because I was fooled into folly, and my foolish husbandman, lighting the fire

That can never be quenched, with screams of humanity that can never be silenced!

And this because I plucked a pear and took a bite? Why not simply strike me down?

Why an ongoing, tedious torture of humanity in this life and damnation in the next?

Ah, but you no longer speak with me, answer, and no longer address me as daughter;

Though I cry to you as the only Father I’ve every known, but you’ve turned your back,

For lack of love, haven’t you? Now there’s only blood, sweat and tears in tilling earth…

And my endless questions…

Thwarted Return to Paradise

Something more must be than this tragedy of terror in terrible tidal waves,

And we can bid farewell to fear and frustration with the fruition of peace,

Then finally forgotten will be the days of death dirges digging into the soul,

And we will be at liberty to laugh with no more languishing in lamentation?

So what now do we do to secure such paradise in an ever perpetual motion,

When prayers and petitions bounce off heaven’s door with heaviest sigh,

And no more blood to spill in sacrifice for the sanctity of sinful humanity?

Shall I lay me down to sleep in sweet dreams amid a soliloquy of serenity?

What will come to me that’ll not come to humanity, for I am after all human,

And there is no fate I can escape to which we are all not bound, to live or die,

So should this be my grave, knave of simple dreams, and without redeemer?

Safe in Your Narrow-Mindedness

It’s easier to believe what you believe when everyone else is wrong, right?
To walk blindly through the night when you deny the reality of the light?
And it’s easier being a big fish in a small pond than it is to swim in the sea,
Or to be a grand tree in a backyard garden than a sprout within some forest,
To sing soliloquies to your mirrored image than to join some festive choir,
So suggestive of frailties you try to hide as you abide in a self-made world,
But is such abject dearth worth the emptiness of such a vacuous existence?
When the world around abounds in mystical beauty and sensuous luster?
When you are welcome to make your home neath the dome of kind skies,
Where everyone is greeted with opened arms, friendly faces, warm kisses,
And embraces appropriate in a family of wondrous, affectionate diversity,
And love that upholds one’s soul thru adversity with no minatory perfidy?
Ah, but you cling to cerebral idols erected in your narrow, mental temple,
And at what cost, but that of the integrity and life of your very own soul!

Most Beloved: Song of John

My eyes penetrate your guise, rough and rugged, to visualize heavenly beauty,
Descended from an almighty Father of lights in an underlying sight of dignity,
Born of woman to be torn upon raising the horn of our salvation in benignity,
With bigotry plotting against your pure chivalry so spitefully to kill innocence,
But you loved with a vast, everlasting love from above, reaching me with love,
And in this was I made your beloved, O beloved, as you bade me abide in you,
Forever true til the death-dew of heaven rests upon my brow, then on beyond,
And on into eternity where once again will I lay my head against your breast,
Hiding myself in the nest of your arms, safe from all harm, alarmed no more,
With kisses of compassion in perfect affection not mired in too-human desire,
And then shall I sing my song, sweet and long, in you where I forever belong


Turning on the Edge of Reality

Flying through Time against Winds of Change to rearrange Reality,
Appealing to the Turnkey of Heaven to leaven existence with Life,
Compelling with persistence to pity abject prisoners of the Cosmos,
Who only want to be free to be everything they were meant to be,
And so we’re dancing on the Edge of Reality, advancing to the end,
Another beginning spinning on the axis of Truth without any proof
To tell another tale of remorse and regret and high hope to amend,
If only the Lord condescends to extend Mercy with another chance
In advance of everlasting Grace that makes all things new yet again,
As we keep turning on the Edge of Reality . . .

So Small to Give All

So very small to give all to feed the burning hunger of restless masses,
With but a few loaves and fish, as droves of folk waste from craving
To satiate their soul starvation in deprivation of the atrophied heart,
No finer part to play the day He came than to offer all that was mine,
So very small, to One who could receive and change even that into all,
To satisfy more than body, but mind and soul, too, to bind up wounds
And heal with one everlasting meal made from my bread and my fish,
An altogether heavenly dish, morsels of which may yet feed the world,
So do I continue to give what seems to small … to give of my all to all

No Slave to You, Only Love

In your eyes is sanctuary, no lies, no prison bars, no far reach to love,
And my soul falls each time you call, so impossible then to stand tall,
But no slave to you, much as my body may crawl, with you above all,
And this is love’s ever-demanding requirement of whole submission,
Still no chains are found, no shackles to explain this throbbing pain,
So deeply rooted, bitter sweet, keeper of my heart apart from all else
As we fly higher, holding on in bold revolt against every expectation
Of those who know no affection, have no peace, and no compassion,
So in this strange journey this poor boy gladly submits, no guilt felt,
As my hands reach up to touch, so much more, joyful tears flowing,
Yet here you have no slave, master beautiful, it is but love, only love

No More to Live by the Sword

Bullets fly, blood flows, and screams ascend to shatter the peace of heaven
As we leaven our lives with sacrificed innocence unattended by penitence
In wars we fight day and night, continuing the horrifying plight of people
All this world over, sending children to graves enslaving their very souls
Till at last we battle for peace in a peaceful combat without mad violence
In quietness yet with determination to save ourselves from extermination
No matter opposition from proprietors of conflict inflicting pain for gain
And surely splendid love in all her glory will heal this war-weary world



Eye of Heaven So Silently Watching

Seeing from scenes of cosmic beauty eerily watching with heavenly eye,
So silently a climate of violence upon earthen home of broken humanity,
Never to blink or shrink from apprehension of the profusion of deviltry,
So devilishly clothed in self-righteous hypocrisy crowning all authority,
Yet you, divine beholder, my heart knows so very well with sign of love,
And from above in celestial abode you reach down and within my soul,
And catch me evermore to press me close, to draw me within to breathe,
To inhale your breath of life to live and to finally believe death has died,
And to lie in your bosom as you yet watch creation’s story coldly unfold,
While you hold your lovers wrapped up in golden sunlight forevermore,
As so many tragic scenes unfold beneath your ever-open all-seeing eye