Most Beloved: Song of John

My eyes penetrate your guise, rough and rugged, to visualize heavenly beauty,
Descended from an almighty Father of lights in an underlying sight of dignity,
Born of woman to be torn upon raising the horn of our salvation in benignity,
With bigotry plotting against your pure chivalry so spitefully to kill innocence,
But you loved with a vast, everlasting love from above, reaching me with love,
And in this was I made your beloved, O beloved, as you bade me abide in you,
Forever true til the death-dew of heaven rests upon my brow, then on beyond,
And on into eternity where once again will I lay my head against your breast,
Hiding myself in the nest of your arms, safe from all harm, alarmed no more,
With kisses of compassion in perfect affection not mired in too-human desire,
And then shall I sing my song, sweet and long, in you where I forever belong


No Slave to You, Only Love

In your eyes is sanctuary, no lies, no prison bars, no far reach to love,
And my soul falls each time you call, so impossible then to stand tall,
But no slave to you, much as my body may crawl, with you above all,
And this is love’s ever-demanding requirement of whole submission,
Still no chains are found, no shackles to explain this throbbing pain,
So deeply rooted, bitter sweet, keeper of my heart apart from all else
As we fly higher, holding on in bold revolt against every expectation
Of those who know no affection, have no peace, and no compassion,
So in this strange journey this poor boy gladly submits, no guilt felt,
As my hands reach up to touch, so much more, joyful tears flowing,
Yet here you have no slave, master beautiful, it is but love, only love

Fair Weather Friend: Almost Surreal

Only friend when convenient, never decent enough to please anyone else

Trapped in self-servitude, drinking the poison of crude self-centeredness

Awash in your own fears, tears and a built-up paranoia from many years

With no ears to hear the cries of another, to be bothered with fellow man

But only to make demands grown from the rotten soil of base expectation

In a self-created damnation you do not even realize, so blind your heart,

And who can cure your blighted soul, when you see only your own part,

And how to start living again after being dead to life around you so long,

Or to stir your spirit to feel some pick of pain for another desperate man

When long gone has been any sense of empathy twixt you and humanity?

Yes, you are the quintessential fair-weather friend … which is no friend

Ode to Jamie: Endless Ages Just Begun

Hold my breath in your mouth, take it into your heart
To be part of your life, then heartbeat it out to me again
To begin to live as your soul in mine with mine in yours
To be forever more one in an eternal song just begun
As we dance beneath sun, then moon and stars off afar
And let me gently lay my head to rest upon your bosom
So radiant and strong, so warm and just where I belong
Through the night, tenderly held, caressed, and dressed
Only in your embrace, lying flesh upon flesh, at peace
And the wonder of you will never cease, only increase
Through endless ages young, our quiet song ever sung

Human Trinity: A Childhood Fantasy

Remembering the first time we ever met, me and you under skies so blue
With hues of red and pink and inky clouds on one fine, pretty day in May,
And you so rough and rugged with a flare for sports that I could not bear
And me so odd and different and bent to the esoteric atmosphere of life,
Seeing what others could not see and hearing what others could not hear,
Yet it all seemed normal to me and to my lovely brother, Jamie, my heart
And my better part, ever and always, but you came along in golden song,
With skin so smooth and tan, flashing smile and piercing eyes, and strong
And we looked across the ground and instantly  found one common soul,
And no one ever knew that two young boys could ever be like tide and sea,
So very free when bound so closely and yet so different, except my Jamie,
And he made three-in-one, an almost divinely-human holy communion
In which we each remained ourselves while inseparable in loving union

Note: Although I do have one brother, he is 10 years older and his name is not “Jamie,” who is simply one blessed part of this childhood fantasy.

So Close Yet So Far Away

So sad to be so close yet so far away, only one phone call

And we had to say goodbye, then cry, then again to fall

While still uncertain who would bring the curtain down

To cause another frown on my face at your unsure pace

In leaving with an intention of staying gone long enough

But now what are we to do when too few days remain

And the rain keeps falling and washing away my hoping

And my longing to belong to you yet again even in sin

Because you just mean that much to me ever to be free

But you simply will not pick up the phone to call home

And so I’m alone and weary, so close yet so far away

Take Me, Hold Me

Hold me closely, hold me tightly and please never, ever let me go

Make me yours, make you mine and let me rest in your afterglow

Free me from my cage, take me onstage ‘n let me be in your show

For once tried, for in you to abide and we will let the world know

And all pain goes away with heavenly gain as celestial winds blow

Soul Mates

We are somehow connected in some spiritual way

Above days of temporality in an eternity captured

For you and me enraptured by passion unending

In heart dedication unbending without upending

Our lives in time in this world with love unspoilt

By the regularity of dripping dross of degradation

Caused by pain of unrequited love from the heart

Because we share the better part of the dedication

Of soul-bound affection sealed in courts of heaven

And leavened with mystical peace and equanimity

Beyond race and religion, tender age and gender…

We are soulmates 

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Written On Empyrean Papyrus Scroll

Life is living words written on empyrean papyrus scroll

To unfold in undulating time tied to still, soothing space

In harmony with hope and aims we hardly understand

As the Fates seem to command our delightful destinies

Yet only to surprise us with reprisal in requital for sins

Of unknown origin committed for an unknown reason

In some season of unbridled passion pushing our souls

Beyond virtue to villainy without our ever being aware

So that we dare to pen our last chapter in this chronicle

Of love languishing on the shore of enchanting Elysium

Where our empyrean papyrus scroll will be read aright

As the dark night of our soul falls with call of judgment

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Stuck By Eros: A Tribute

Wrap you in my arms so tight, heartbeat to heartbeat,

Press my lips to your lips, kiss your chest, feel the heat,

Eyes like an ocean, pleasant to drown, I go down

To your tree of life where to yield my sacred crown,

And find an immortal river from which to drink

Just as our undulating bodies move in sync 

To the holy rhythm of everlasting love

Painted through ages by countless angels above,

Stuck by Eros, filled with his potion of passion

To breath your life till I lie lifeless and ashen