Beside, Inside, to Abide

Pain ever so deep and wonderful, so constant and fertile,

Longing for you to long for me for all the wrong reasons,

Thankful to feel, grateful to seal my fate with your future

To nurture this bondage of soul to soul to fill in the hole

Left from cosmic decimation of long ago indiscrimination

Of one man and his demand to be you so untrue to himself,

And have we not paid the price ever since in hard penance,

So I treasure this pain, no bane of longing to belong to you,

Only beside you, inside you, to forever abide with you . . .

Never to be you, but only true to my Self within you


Together Two as One

Together two as one we are going, going somewhere beautiful, somewhere bountiful

Together we will gather ourselves together two as one here, there, and everywhere

Together we will be something wild, never mild, oblique in mystique, sleek physique

Together we will run two as one for fun, not to be outdone, with nothing cumbersome

Together two as one we are going, going somewhere heavenly, somewhere cleverly

Never to turn back from one to two

Never to part our ways in the heart

Transparent Familiarity

May I know you more than your name and face show me,

More than the cold portfolio of another human shadow?

Dare I to ask what it is you believe, beg you not to deceive,

Guarantee to receive your answers, and ne’er to aggrieve?

May I humbly request all this in tones dressed in love’s best,

To impress on your heart what I now profess from my own?

Tell me, now, do you believe in God, is religion only façade,

Are you by wonders awed, and have you travelled abroad?

Are your angels benevolent, your worship simple or elegant,

Inside four walls what is your temperament? Is it malevolent?

How strong does your hope hold, can you cope with your life,

Or do you walk the tightrope between sanity and calamity?

What is your profession, confession, obsession, and delight,

As well as your insight, foresight, hindsight, and predilection?

And tell me, do you make a living or life, in giving or in strife,

Striving for more in laborious chore, or content to be a bore?

Do I dare to ask all of this? Care enough to know the true you,

To bear the burden of intimacy, hear the voice of legitimacy?

Ah! Do I dare to ask for transparent familiarity? Or do I fear?

Most Beloved: Song of John

My eyes penetrate your guise, rough and rugged, to visualize heavenly beauty,
Descended from an almighty Father of lights in an underlying sight of dignity,
Born of woman to be torn upon raising the horn of our salvation in benignity,
With bigotry plotting against your pure chivalry so spitefully to kill innocence,
But you loved with a vast, everlasting love from above, reaching me with love,
And in this was I made your beloved, O beloved, as you bade me abide in you,
Forever true til the death-dew of heaven rests upon my brow, then on beyond,
And on into eternity where once again will I lay my head against your breast,
Hiding myself in the nest of your arms, safe from all harm, alarmed no more,
With kisses of compassion in perfect affection not mired in too-human desire,
And then shall I sing my song, sweet and long, in you where I forever belong


No Slave to You, Only Love

In your eyes is sanctuary, no lies, no prison bars, no far reach to love,
And my soul falls each time you call, so impossible then to stand tall,
But no slave to you, much as my body may crawl, with you above all,
And this is love’s ever-demanding requirement of whole submission,
Still no chains are found, no shackles to explain this throbbing pain,
So deeply rooted, bitter sweet, keeper of my heart apart from all else
As we fly higher, holding on in bold revolt against every expectation
Of those who know no affection, have no peace, and no compassion,
So in this strange journey this poor boy gladly submits, no guilt felt,
As my hands reach up to touch, so much more, joyful tears flowing,
Yet here you have no slave, master beautiful, it is but love, only love