The Christ Sonnet

Thou knowest thy love is enfolded within my breast
That come the tempest of life I shall pass thy test,
And shall rest me in thine arms safe from all harms,
For thou art my all in all, best of all heavenly charms,
And thy grand love for me I know full well and sing
In great cathedrals for thou art love and love ye bring
To even me in fullest measure as an ethereal treasure,
And shall I despise what thou givest for my pleasure?
Nay! Nor shall I turn away from thine eyes of passion,
But shall forever behold thee in greatest compassion,
For thou didst endure scorn and bloody tree for me!
Seest thou my passion for thee and let us united be!
For at thine altar fine do I pay my vows of loyalty
To be but one with thee and thee with me in royalty!

One Common Thread

Is there the bright Light that pierces the fierce black of night?
Is there the Word that is heard above the cacophony of the earth?
Is there the shining Hope that helps us cope with the pain
In what seems an insane world into which we’ve been hurled?

Is there the true Line to be read in the dark witching hour?
Is there the Blood that does not taint but rather paints all
Of Life with humanity and humanity with untainted Life?
Is there the Heart that beats with Joy untold and bold?

Is there Food to fill the bowl of the soul so that it overflows?
Is there Peace strong enough to give new lease to new life?
Is there abundance of Good to spread about without redundancy?
Is there the Way to find the ‘I’ of me, who I’m supposed to be?

Before all and after all, there is the preeminence of silence,
But the Voice speaks into the void choice words of creativity
And there is then the Nativity of Life before life and death,
Serenity before insanity, and wondrous gain before the pain.

Is there one common Thread that has led us to where we are
Among the stars, resting on one small bed in the vast Cosmos?
And has Someone said they will heal the ancient scars of war
and seal the new destiny, in which we feel at home at last?

Perhaps … Yes

Note: Inspired by And It’s Dark by the very talented Jyotee of Life is all about PAIN and originally published in August 2016, now republished due to some renewed interest as well as for new reader-followers. Blessings to one and all!

Hear the Voice, Make the Choice

Yes, I know there is something in you that longs
For light and life, peace and truth so very bright
Even as you look star-gazed into the nightly sky
Trying to think of the way to shrink the cosmos
Into your mind and there bind it to be your own
Where seeds of immortality are sown in beauty
And you imagine it to be your duty to be as God
As you tread the sod of earth, place of your birth
For this is where you find your worth in existing
So you keep persisting in the chase but resisting
Answers given long ago in script and lovely song
Going your own way day by day, never your soul
To stay ever in one place as you outpace yourself
In your relentless race to trace the fine line of life
But Life itself has already found you
Your only need is but to turn around!
Hear the Voice call and make a marvelous choice!

“He is our God; we are the people he cares for, the flock for which he provides. Hear his Voice . . . hear his Voice.” (From the 95th Psalm of the Hebrew scriptures)

Sailing the Deep Soul Sea (Recast)

Take me out of my marshy lagoon at high noon
To sail the wide open azure sea; I want to be free

Through the narrow opening where the sparrow flies
Guide me before my soul dies in this concavity of lies

It is a galleon, this ocean stallion of my salvation
Yet uncertain for the duration of this journey
But fascination draws me into an ocean
Without limitation and far away from
My swampy bay of self-damnation

Off the brackish shelf and out from myself
Into the soul of heaven without digression
Nor concession, an expression of freedom
Let me make my confession in procession
Into heart liberty with no more discretion

Oh, sail me now into the keep of mystical deep
Where lays life unknown, blown by your breath
Away from my groans alone in this secluded bay
Out into the bright, numinous light of day to stay
Never to return to my bay
Never to stray from glory . . .

Through the narrow opening where the sparrow flies
Guide me though into open azure sea; I want to be free

Sailing the deep soul sea
Sailing the deep soul sea
Sailing the deep soul sea

Note: First published in October 2016 this poem and its second part represent a personal, mystical-spiritual journey within the broad tradition of the Christian faith.

I Sing A New Song

Once wandering, tossed-out vagabond,
Lost in the wilderness at the cost my life,
My feet stumbled, to the earth I crumbled,
Crying aloud ‘n lying to myself
That I was not really dying . . .

And I longed to belong
To sing a new song . . .

Too proud to admit the crowd had passed
By me ‘n I was drowning in my own tears
And fear engulfed me and seared my soul,
Leaving a hole in my forlorn heart
And no hope for another start . . .

And I longed to belong
To sing a new song . . .

But then you came, crossing desert plain,
With emerald eyes easily spied my pain
And the invisible chain that wrapped me;
Your look pierced deep in me;
You read me like an open book,
Then lifted me in strong suntanned arms,
Russet-brown hair blowing in the wind,
And you carried me to the place I belong,

And, oh, how I now sing a new song . . .
I sing a new song
Because I belong;
I sing a new song!

In the Temple of the Ancient of Days

temple-835790__340She rises early from bed to go where there is no need for keys


On bended knees, head bowed, wrinkled hands folded,
Bands of unseen angels surround the lonely woman
As she prays alone in the Temple of the Ancient of Days

Cacophony in the streets no longer an anomaly,
Here there is still solemnity and blessed serenity
As old lips whisper into the ear of One who hears

Screams throughout the city shatter dreams of lasting peace
When all battles cease, but one still prays for that holy day
When people walk in the way of authentic love from above


Light footsteps can barely be heard and no spoken word
As a young boy walks thru the door across marble floor
And dares to draw near the solitary figure in quiet prayer,
To kneel beside her with real intention to make petition
In his own way in this the Temple of the Ancient of Days


We, too, may rise from bed to go where there is no need for keys
To bend knees and pray . . . in the Temple of the Ancient of Days

Out From Plato’s Cave

I was sitting there, fitting of chain tight,plato_360x450
staring, glaring at shadows on the wall,
Some short and some tall but all the same,
With other men and women, ten years or ten
Hundred; what does it matter when batter
Of life is to sit and stare at an otherwise
Bare cave wall with shadows that never fall.

Lo and behold! Someone told me I was free!
No more shackles tore at ankles and arms,
And there could be no harm in standing and
Looking round at where I’d been bound for
So long; where no one belongs and ne’er is
Sung sweet song; now I took careful steps,
With nothing to fret, no net set for trap.

Tis no joke; I was no longer yoked to other
Cave dwellers — brothers and sisters, and
Mothers and fathers — and so I explored,
And nothing bored in any new discovery in
Recovery of freedom I’d never known, seeing
What I’d never been shown: fires burning
On pyres for those who’d lived too long
Where they never belonged; now I could see
What better women and men we could be …

Something new, yet not new, caught my eye,
And I said ‘good-bye’ to cave and so began
Walking toward another light, much brighter,
Stalking the strange creatures who featured
Shadows on the far wall, and I heard an eerie
Call beyond the fiery pyres beckoning me
To respond to an opening that spawned
Brighter light in sight but out of the cave.

Knave I may have been, but how could I help
But crave such bright light, even in fright;
I knew no difference twixt the day and night;
I could only say a prayer and fight my way
To yawning of the cave, toward the dawning
Of new and strange radiance of luminescence,
Calling, but in such power to make me cower.

I reached the opening, stepped outside and
Quickly looked to hide, and no one in whom
To confide; blinding beauty of another world
Into which I’d just been hurled, and so good
As I stood there, bathing in the sun, which
Had only begun to shine on brand new day;
What could I do but stay; I’d found another
Way ~ inside the world, but outside the cave!

Then it struck me to tell my former company,
To pluck up the courage to go back to spread
Such grand news that all is not dead, that we
Might be fed in the land of the living under
Another brighter, mightier light that did more
Than eat corpses and beat shadows on the wall;
And so I turned back with no lack of conviction,
No friction in heart; I’d found the better part!

So did I descended again into the gloom and doom
To rouse my companions from their house of rock;
To led them to higher grounds and better sounds,
But … oh no! They shocked me as they locked
Up their hearts, bound their minds to the sound
Of my voice as if I were a raving lunatic craving
Another easy meal, if I could only peel them away
From the safety of the cave haven; craven fools!

And I could not find the words to unbind their
Souls, and free them from earthen bowl where
Surely they were dying without even trying to
Stand and walk; their talk was but a cheap heap
Of lies, but they didn’t realize the utter size
Of their fool’s pride; they would simply continue
To hide away in bay of dim-lit cave, and I … I
Only wanted to save, to save them from the cave.

ψ ψ ψ

Note: First published December 2015

Now Comes Your Sweet Breath

Comes your sweet breath with death round about me,
And the putrid smell of hell, and who can tell why,
So there is nothing else for me to do but cry and try
To please you and appease your anger over the danger
In which I plunged myself blind, into a maze of craze,
Because I’d lost all sanity yet still had plenty of vanity,
But you forgot my insanity and plunged into the muck
And mire and rescued me from my dark, dire situation
With unflinching fixation upon my salvation because
You thought me worth the expenditure to snatch me
Away from self-made sepulchre in your own bloody act
Of divestiture for which I never asked or dared to expect;
Yet still I walk these streets where I meet old souls
Filled with holes, hiding in old haunts, boldly taunting
One who walks in love and peace they may never know
Since they ceased long ago pursuing an higher way
In the light of never-ending day, and so in their own
Filth and vomit they stay with ne’er one ray of hope,
And this is the putrid smell of hell heavy with death…
But now comes your sweet breath, your sweet breath


Take care! They whisper in your ear, though inaudible
Your soul can hear, and your very heart sheds a tear,
And your spirit quakes in fear as they sear your mind
And bind you to your lower self behind numinous bars


Images fly across your mental screen, scene after scene,
As the harlot queen stakes her claim seemingly so serene,
And you choke on the refuse of your sordid imagination
In gestation of the summation of every wicked temptation


Stand tall in your inner-self else you fall to siren call,
And take heed to every need and feed on what is right
And just and bright before they punch a hole in your soul,
And leave you for dead in the dead of an esoteric night



Engulfing darkness pulsing with death, breath of hell,
And the bell rings and brings stench of corruption
In eruption of the fate of all humanity in calamity

But I arise to claim my prize

Overwhelming waves, pelting rain, pending our doom
In the gloom of night without light, fatal plight
Of destination in damnation by ever slow gradation

But I arise to claim my prize

Bottomless pit, ominous sounds in somnolence of soul
Emptied across the sands of time by wandering band
Of sordid dæmons uncorded now but awarded their end

But I arise to claim my prize