On an Uncloudy Day

Sol is shining brightly in the heavens,
Sending forth his brilliant bright light
Across the white-topped mountains,
Shining so fairly for us so that we can
Barely contain ourselves and all that
Pertains to our love from high above,
And so we dance the dance of aeons
And prance like young deer so near,
And without any fear embrace tightly
Before our ethereal nightly romance,
Singing our one song
On an uncloudy day!


In the Keep of Forest Deep

In the keep of forest deep where secrets sleep,
I meet you alone where we two make but one,
And sun breaks through trees to make three
In one as we soak in the rays where we stay
And lay down all trials after miles of walking
And hours of talking . . . then comes the silence
Sweetly serenading in cadence with our hearts
And every part of our one being seeing beauty
In the union of our utmost sacred communion
As we lie on woodland floor, not to die but live
In an aliveness hitherto unknown but shown
In the depths of my soul enfolded within yours
In the keep of forest deep where secrets sleep,
And I meet you where we two become one . . .

By Your Eyes

By your eyes am I trapped, enwrapped in emerald gaze,
As I am wrapped tightly in your arms, safe from all harm,
And there is no greater charm than the sound of your voice
And no better choice than to listen to the lilt of such sound
That shakes the ground yet that soothes the aching heart
In every part so that I would be foolish to depart from you,
And you love me too much to let me go, so that I am secure
In you and your love above all else amid all the cacophony
Of this world into which I’ve been hurled while I’m curled
Against your bosom, gazing up
Into your eyes that spy my soul
As you fill the gaping hole with which I was born on earth,
And you give to me home ‘n hearth that I now call my own
Since seeds of your love you have sown into my very being
As even now I am seeing an eternity in your emerald eyes!

Sonnet of Unrequited Love

Twas mine own proclamation of emancipation
When I didst tell thee of passionate affection,
Which didst proceed from an opened heart
That cared not how thou might play thy part,
But for sake of my tender soul ye wert kind,
And in thine eyes some honest pity I didst find,
And thou didst not reprimand me nor demand
That I should take my leave to ever be banned
From seeing thee again in some fondly way,
And thus, though sadly, did I await that day;
Nay, thou even granted a kiss upon my cheek
But ye also implored me another love to seek;
Ah! I have found such, yet thou art mournful,
But o’er my fortune why now be so scornful?

Sonnet to the Beloved

Rays of sunshine sweepeth o’er the landscape
As in thine eyes I find my own fine escape, 
Nor do I drape the morn in sorrow unbesought, 
But rejoice in such blessed gift thou hast brought,
And from thee so true should I foolishly turn away
T’would be to make dark night out of beauteous day;
Ah! No, ne’er shall I away from thy presence walk
But by thy side ere stay and thy very footsteps stalk,
For thou has brought unto even me thy pleasure
That in mine heart shall I ere and forever treasure,
For thou thyself art my bright and morning star
Come with love from above in heaven so far;
Ah! the sunshine sweepeth o’er the landscape
As in thine eyes I find my own fine escape!

Return, O Lover, Return

Oh, has part of my heart moved so far away
To decrease my peace in your fair bosom?
Ah! How my soul minds this kind of absence!
It is the essence of loneliness
Out from the madness of love!
Come back, Lover, and again hover over me,
Or shall I die as I lie awake for your sake?
You’re like a rose that knows when to bloom,
So blossom in me once again
So I’ll cease to strain in pain!
I cannot stand the distance in this existence,
And so I persist to insist upon your return!
Come back to me and let me see you again;
Come back and fill me with the love I lack!
Or has part of my heart moved too far away?
If so, then the day will end in restless dismay
And I’m afraid I will stray even further away!
Return, oh return to this heart that burns . . .
For you . . . for you!

Note: Originally published in November 2016, now republished for the enjoyment of new reader-followers. Blessings to one and all!

What Are You Saying to Me Now?

What are you saying to me now, my heart is deaf,
Yet you are here, I want to hear, my eyes are dim;
You touch me, smile and the whole cosmos sings,
Your presence ringing throughout my very being
Even though seeing is near impossible here, now
And how shall I proceed? Surely you will succeed
In opening my ears once again to hear your song;
It’s been so long since last listening to your voice
But that’s not my choice as I would listen forever
And never turn away from your charming sound
And the sharp, alluring spy of your emerald eyes
Because my love for you springs out of your love
So hold me now, near and dear, before I collapse
In such strain to hear what you are saying to me
In strong, passionate compassion, or else I faint;
Oh, what are you saying to me? My heart is deaf!

Do You Still Dream of Me?

Ah! Do you still dream of me as your companion to be?
Do you still picture me as a fixture in your pretty life?
Oh, but don’t you know I have nothing more to show?
But you still persist in insisting that I am a better man
Than ever I have allowed myself to believe
And you will relieve me of all my burdens
And receive me as I am because you see more than me!
Are you certain or should we just bring the curtain down
On this stage play right here, right now, this very day?
But you say, ‘No, this is no mere show but real truth!’
You say, ‘You are much more than some boar in life!’
You say, ‘I can see who you are and all that you can be;
So trust me to be who and what I am in your life, too!’
And yet I have nothing to give for even myself to live,
So what can I give unto you . . . except myself so true?
Ah! Do you still dream of me as your companion to be?

Journey of Psyche and Her Redeemer

How I know you love me is to be with me constantly;
And how I long to belong to you as you long for me,
But through many trials we each must pass for love,
Like Psyche and Cupid of ancient lore, who did more
For union of Love and Soul than the whole pantheon
Of gods and goddesses, but our own takes us higher
And we must never tire in the travail of communion,
As I remember how you rescued me and brought me
Into green pastures beside still waters to there abide
Till I found my strength once again and to begin again
To live, and more, for you to lavish me with affection
In perfection of compassionate passion day and night,
Under the light of both moon and the sun, but so soon
Did the Serpent bite and his might I could not resist,
So now we persist in drawing out the hideous poison
That separates us, yet in the frustration of tribulation
As we seek purgation there is only an inflation of love;
Ah! But my very soul is vexed with worry and distress
As I long for you to again be with me ever constantly;
And when will this end, except Father God command
And demand an ending to this strife so rife with pain?
Let the Almighty One speak now for the meek ‘n lowly,
And then we shall enjoy union in eternal communion!

Chasing (After the Wind)

Pacing myself
Racing to find you

I hunt you down in the alleyways of my mind,
But I can’t find you there; where are you now?
I crawl in the corridors of my heart and bawl;
Have you left me bereft of all love from above?

Pacing myself
Racing to find you

I peek in every corner of my soul as I seek you;
I am faint ‘n weak; can you hear my complaint?
Around every corner I expect to see you, true?
And you are there, too, somewhere like the air!

Pacing myself
Racing to find you

Searching, reaching, teaching myself patience;
Lunging ahead, plunging down under for you,
I give all of myself to fall again into your arms,
To see your emerald eyes so clearly, so dearly!

Racing to find you
Pacing myself