My Soul is Whole (Sevenfold)

My days are brighter with you,
And I know you love me, too;
My nights are not quite so dark,
Nor is the black quite so stark;
With you my own soul is whole,
And life cannot take its toll,
For you are my Beloved . . .

Note: This poem is written in seven lines with seven syllables in each, thus it is a sevenfold poem. Hope and pray you enjoy… Blessings to one and all!


Miscellany of Poetry

New Haiku (Haiku)

New haiku
For another day,
Sky so blue

Elements of Happiness (Sevenfold)

Gentle wind across the plain
Blows away our greater pain;
Thick white clouds across the sky
Take our thoughts and make them fly;
Ocean above us so blue
Washes away what we knew,
Now we can be happy, too!

End-of-Life Caregiver (Haiku)

See him lie,
Barely any air,
Watch him die

Season So Holy (5 x 7)

Dancing so slowly ~
Gentle days and silent ways
Keeping so lowly ~
Golden leaves and autumn trees
Season so holy . . .

Miscellany (Haiku)

Me and you,
An odd assortment,
But so true