Will You Hear Me When I Cry?

Will you hear me when I cry,
Or will you just pass on by?

Will you see me in distress,
Or will you deny tenderness?

Will you open your heart to me,
Or will you only leave me lonely?

Will you answer when I call,
Or will you just let me fall?

Will you treat me like a person,
Or allow my condition to worsen?

Will you reach out a loving hand,
Or let me drown in this quicksand?

And now here I am, wondering why it is I breathe this breath,
When everything around looks and sounds oddly like my death…

Oh! Will you hear me when I cry,
Or will you merely pass me on by?

Note: Originally published in November 2015, now republished for the consideration of new reader-followers


Haikus of Life and Love

Feel the Fair Breeze

Feel the quiet breeze
Teasing your hair in the air
To make your heart fair…

Let There Be Peace

Live in love and peace,
Let all war and striving cease,
Share the golden fleece…

After Virtue

After virtue, what?
Comes the laughter of the gods?
No, but what we sought…

Shall We Begin?

So shall we begin,
To grin, strip down to the skin,
And taste nature once again?

Safe Lees and Honey Bees

Lees and honey bees,
Flying under our shelter,
Bring joy to our hearts…

Autumn Promise

Promising new life,
Autumn comes round bringing death,
What comes before life…

Sky Smiles

See the sky smile —
So radiant for miles —
For all to enjoy.

Note: Originally published in October 2015, now being republished due to some renewed interest and also for newer followers-readers to enjoy. Peace and blessings to one and all!

Out From Plato’s Cave

I was sitting there, fitting of chain tight,plato_360x450
staring, glaring at shadows on the wall,
Some short and some tall but all the same,
With other men and women, ten years or ten
Hundred; what does it matter when batter
Of life is to sit and stare at an otherwise
Bare cave wall with shadows that never fall.

Lo and behold! Someone told me I was free!
No more shackles tore at ankles and arms,
And there could be no harm in standing and
Looking round at where I’d been bound for
So long; where no one belongs and ne’er is
Sung sweet song; now I took careful steps,
With nothing to fret, no net set for trap.

Tis no joke; I was no longer yoked to other
Cave dwellers — brothers and sisters, and
Mothers and fathers — and so I explored,
And nothing bored in any new discovery in
Recovery of freedom I’d never known, seeing
What I’d never been shown: fires burning
On pyres for those who’d lived too long
Where they never belonged; now I could see
What better women and men we could be …

Something new, yet not new, caught my eye,
And I said ‘good-bye’ to cave and so began
Walking toward another light, much brighter,
Stalking the strange creatures who featured
Shadows on the far wall, and I heard an eerie
Call beyond the fiery pyres beckoning me
To respond to an opening that spawned
Brighter light in sight but out of the cave.

Knave I may have been, but how could I help
But crave such bright light, even in fright;
I knew no difference twixt the day and night;
I could only say a prayer and fight my way
To yawning of the cave, toward the dawning
Of new and strange radiance of luminescence,
Calling, but in such power to make me cower.

I reached the opening, stepped outside and
Quickly looked to hide, and no one in whom
To confide; blinding beauty of another world
Into which I’d just been hurled, and so good
As I stood there, bathing in the sun, which
Had only begun to shine on brand new day;
What could I do but stay; I’d found another
Way ~ inside the world, but outside the cave!

Then it struck me to tell my former company,
To pluck up the courage to go back to spread
Such grand news that all is not dead, that we
Might be fed in the land of the living under
Another brighter, mightier light that did more
Than eat corpses and beat shadows on the wall;
And so I turned back with no lack of conviction,
No friction in heart; I’d found the better part!

So did I descended again into the gloom and doom
To rouse my companions from their house of rock;
To led them to higher grounds and better sounds,
But … oh no! They shocked me as they locked
Up their hearts, bound their minds to the sound
Of my voice as if I were a raving lunatic craving
Another easy meal, if I could only peel them away
From the safety of the cave haven; craven fools!

And I could not find the words to unbind their
Souls, and free them from earthen bowl where
Surely they were dying without even trying to
Stand and walk; their talk was but a cheap heap
Of lies, but they didn’t realize the utter size
Of their fool’s pride; they would simply continue
To hide away in bay of dim-lit cave, and I … I
Only wanted to save, to save them from the cave.

ψ ψ ψ

Note: First published December 2015

No More Throne; Just Your Bone

Somebody stole your throne like a dirty little bone,
And they trashed your crown, then fled out of town;
And now you know you tried but you lied, then cried
Because you can’t confide now; nobody’s on your side;
So just how wide is redemption’s door? Can you slide
On through, crawling across the floor with no more
Pride left; you’re bereft of hope; not even the Pope
Can save you, and you can’t misbehave as you pave
Your way back to heaven for lack of good luck packed
In your haversack… Oh! You’re the big Mack attack
Are you? But your shoe’s too big and your shit stinks,
Makes the eyes blink; and you’re after another twink
But I just wink as you sink lower for another blower,
But you can’t get none; your nightmare’s just begun,
Son of a bitch! Which way now? Now that there’s just
Your dirtied up bone, ’cause someone’s got your throne!


To Love Somebody Too Far Away

heartPhoto stares back into my eyes, my eyes staring into the eyes in the photo;
But does she know?

And I could literally raise the very sun with crow of fire, fluff the feathers
Of my desires!

But does she, so far away, know I want to show my love from cove of soul;
My treasure trove?

heartSame world, but worlds apart play part in ripping my heart apart so soon
As I start to stare…

But I can’t help myself; staring leads to an imagined life, feeds the fantasy,
Never satisfies need.

But does she know? Can she see? Does she look at me, too, as I look at her
Far away every day?

heartAh, maybe the imagining is better? No, and neither can the letter replace
Fetters of distance.

And my God, it hurts … To love somebody so far away


Really Now … It’s Time To Change!

Far past time, really. Christopher Columbus didn’t even discover “America.” In fact, Amerigo Vespucci (for whom two continents have been named!) didn’t discover “America.” Scandinavians “discovered” Greenland, Iceland and, yes, the eastern coasts of Canada as far back as the ninth and tenth centuries, and after some failed colonization attempts in Iceland, continued trade well into the 14th century. (R. Riendeua, Brief History of Canada, 19-20) This was most assuredly not unknown by the entirety of the rest of Western Europe! Of course not, which partly explains the expeditions of Amerigo Vespucci the late 15th, early 16th centuries, the first being shortly after the (in)famous voyage of Christopher Columbus in 1492. (C.R. Markham, The Letters of Amerigo Vespucci and Other Documents Illustrative of His Career,  “Introduction”)

Besides, as so many people have pointed out for years upon years now — generations, in fact — there were thriving cultures living here in Abya Yala, “one of the terms given to the pre-Columbian American continent by a group of native Americans called the Kuna people who inhabit Panama.” (Cf. Quora, “What did the native people call the American continents?“) What reason is there, then, to celebrate “Columbus Day?”  I mean, it’s really laughable when you think about it… If we’re going to celebrate excursions by Western Europeans — and let’s not forget the Russians who were colonizing the Aleutian isles and western sections of Alaska — then why not Leif Erickson Day? Or Vespucci Day? Or Erik the Red Day? Or, to hell with it! Why not Western European Exploration-Exploitation Day! At least that would be more honest! So, anyway, with this I wish my readers…



Memes and Bull S**t “News”

Australian prime minister tells Muslims to leave;
And atheistic geophysicist now comes to believe!
His Holiness Francis claims Jesus born of Satan,
Lays blame for pain on God since Christ was torn
From Mary’s womb till he was finally put in tomb!

Radical rock star turns and burns the president,
While residents of small town overturn all laws
On guns and do not shun arming every teacher,
Principal and preacher, and reach no more crime
In little to no time, and every church bell chimes!

Blood moon rising is not surprising to prophets;
It’s the end, and so-and-so will no longer suspend
Any judgment: Beast has been hurled in the world,
And Antichrist is steady, ready to take his throne;
Already Rome’s been taken and shaken to the core!

By the way, did you know the low state of Kuwait
Strives and thrives on selling poisoned flowers
That make all sniffers cower, and this is how they
Plan to rule the earth under sharia law so cruel;
Of course, they’re tool of the devil, satanic bevel.

Neville Chamberlain really had a Chinese mother,
And Irish brother; meanwhile bully Palestinians
Are harassing poor, weakened Israelis even more,
Which is something we all really should deplore,
Because at core Arabs are wicked and heart-sore.

You haven’t heard the news yet?
Bet you haven’t read the memes!

Oh! And be sure to thank the asses who pass along
What rightly and tightly belongs in the stinking trash!



Beautiful Boy, Be Not A Man

Oh my beautiful boy, be not a man, you are young;
Your life has barely begun, your song still unsung,
And there’s nothing wrong with those lower rungs;
Don’t be so anxious to climb up to the slimy grime
Of crimes, quicktime rush, and hush of pantomimes
Wearing masks, hiding behind facades with rods
Of business-as-usual, golden wads, and by all odds
Never ready to die but live in the lie of being alive
When their hive is ill-begotten, and ever-so rotten;
But you, child so meek and mild, need not succumb
To any scum or grown-up strum that thrums away
Every night and day… No! Please laugh and play!
Stay child, wild and unbeguiled, free and unreviled;
Stay this way, and ne’er mourn each day of youth,
For in truth if you sleuth to uncover and discover
What misery lay in the bay of adulthood, you would
Ever remain as you are and bar the process of age
With the turning of every page of time till chime
Of fare-thee-well rings and angels sing for you,
Bringing you home with tome of joy and happiness

Oh my beautiful boy, be not a man, you are young;
Your life has barely begun, your song still unsung…


Healthy Living, Beautiful Blog

Okay, confession time!  I am not Vegan, and thus could not believe that “Luxury Gluten Free Vegan Sponge Cupcakes” could possibly be anything delicious to eat; quite the opposite, in fact. However, another blogger friend shared the link to “Luxury Gluten Free Vegan Sponge Cupcakes,” and I took a look. And then I had my wonderful sister, Angela, look and read, too. Well, to make a long story short, we both agreed that this treat is not only exceptionally nutritional, but looks quite beautiful and sounds inviting… My sister copied the recipe and we’ve decided that, yes, we’ll have a go at it!

So, I’d like to introduce you to Pines Lifestyle, and especially its creator-author, Eliza Pines. Have a look-see and I’m sure you’ll be pleased. This is certainly a well-crafted, warm and peaceful, uplifting and inspirational blog … good, wholesome, happy. And who of us does not need more light and enlightening, motivational goodness in our lives? Yes, and Eliza does not confine her blog to recipes!  I happily recommend reading her article on “The Art of Yoga.”  Again, this is an investment of time very worth making; let me know if you agree (or disagree.)

Posizione del Loto e chakra coloratiBlessings to one and all!

Jon N

Post Script:  Just as a note of interest, since I mentioned Eliza’s article on Yoga; the practice of Yoga arose from within the larger, approximately 5,000 year-old medical practice/system of ancient India, known as “Ayurveda.”  Ayurveda is quite probably the most ancient, holistic practice and/or art of medical treatment, providing “an integrated approach to preventing and treating illness through lifestyle interventions and natural therapies.” (Webster’s New World Medical Dictionary: Third Edition, 38)  Thankfully, the holistic Ayurvedic approach to healthcare and medical treatment is being more and more integrated and interwoven into the normal, contemporary Western health and medical care.



Unequal Equality (?) Too Confusing: Just Can’t Get It!

So my thoughts may be random,
Scattered somewhat in tandem
With battered emotional abandon,
But release brings some peace,
And maybe my raging will cease?

You see, this cannot be for me
To agree, and yet neither to flee
From such intellectual debris,
Spiritual humus that only creates
Brumous ideas in every heartbeat.

So what do I want to say this day?
If I may express my own dismay
In such an unabashed, cutting way:
Some make profusion of confusion
In the ‘biblical’ goal of sex roles!

Did not the Apostle say, “There is
Not any longer the male and female;
For you are all one within the veil
Of Christ?” And is this not the scale
To measure one’s worth from birth?

Did not the same Apostle declare
To the married pair, “Submit one
To the other,” sister and brother,
Husband and wife, father, mother;
And this means loving one another!

Should we dare to stare at wisdom
From the ancients to better prepare
Our hearts and, thus, begin to repair
Damage done by neglecting the Son,
What this One truly, newly brought?

If a woman so chooses to submit,
Then who am I to cry and then try
To remit her choice, silence voice
And complain she should remain
Solitary in some stark-cold equality?

Ah! But then even from ancient times
Wisdom chimed women were vessels
Of glory, quarry of the very heavens,
So the story has been boldly told
And retold through pages of the ages.

Has it not been said of old, “I am he,
You are she; I the song in the throng,
You the verse to traverse the universe;
I am heaven, you earth and birth-giver.
So will we dwell as one under the sun.”

I am confused, then, by evangelicals
Choosing to follow traditions so hollow,
While clinging to Bible and miracles
Of God, who is neither male nor female;
Scriptures holy are sacred tales spun,
Centering upon rugged cross and nails,
… and inexplicable love from above.

Willingly in the position of submission,
Still, why do these good women accept
That this means disrespect, dishonor
And neglect? Do they not ever reflect
On love, and marriage elect to correct?

Representing heaven and earth, God
Did leaven the world with man, woman
And gave birth to beauty of humanity,
But not the insanity of profane vanity
Of men who often excuse their abuse!

But why, oh why, do evangelical women
Accept this tragic-comical situation,
Which is only a mock representation
Of most holy matrimony, as some sort
Of divine patrimony given to her cohort?

Ah! But the churches preach and teach
An unequal equality impossible to reach;
Command compliance, demand obedience,
Reprimand any woman held in defiance,
And she takes it and bakes it in her mind!

Why? Is the “real biblical man” she wants
Expected to taunt and flaunt his manliness;
To be proud and loud, brash, foolishly rash;
And a cruel jackass, as stubborn as a mule?
Is this the love-pool for which she drools?

Ah, I persist too long and insist too much;
Tis better for me to be a man such as I am,
Without inquiry into such mirey theology
Fraught with an ontology of misery bought
At the price of humiliation and degradation.

Now … I have written and vented enough.