Hard Battle Won: Song of Victory

Rain washes away,
Cleanses the soul on this day,
Brings peace in its way

The battle was hard,
Making sad songs for the bard,
Our wounds we regard

Now is time for rest,
Finally peace in our nest,
Now for us the best

Another day, another battle in play,
But for now long songs of victory!

Note: Though this poem is personal and familial, it is also dedicated to the recent victory in the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) controversy. As Tanya Cliff just reported, “The Army Corps of Engineers has denied a permit for the current routing of the DAPL to cross Lake Oahe.  This is a major victory for Native American tribes…” Praise almighty God for this long-awaited good news!

Doc in a Box

He’ll knock you out for a minute or two;
He’s the doc in a box and so very untrue;
No real treatment nor any appeasement,
Just an ‘I can’t help you’ with a pill ‘n bill;
Clinic after clinic ‘n you become a cynic,
And lose your belief you’ll find any relief!
Not even any advice; just a nice farewell;
Oh, but you have to pay for that sad day!
Yes, they’ll take your money with honey
Sweet hands that band together
In no treatment of your ailment;
Yes, this is a doc in a box and sly as a fox;
You leave with no more than dirty socks!
Medical care in America is a rotten snare!

Election 2016

Tweedledee or Tweedledum?
Does it matter? Pass the rum!
We’ve now made our choice
And the world hears our voice;
Either way we knew the next
Four years will bring us tears;
But really, who do we have to blame?
Shame on US for playing such a game!
All our elected leaders only feed off
Of ‘we the people,’ who really need
To better tend our country and mend
So many of our troubles ourselves
Rather than living in our bubbles!
But here we are now and we bow. . .
Tweedledee or Tweedledum?
Does it matter? Pass the rum!

The Rhetorician

It’s easy to figure out what to say when the pay is right;
You just gotta be careful not to stray
From the lines of your set stage play;
So offer stubble and hay to satisfy the crowd that brays,
And be sure not to step on any feet as your sheep bleat
Because you know you can’t take the heat
From those who fill the seats
And cheat any real conviction,
So mind your restrictions without friction,
Causing no affliction to the conscience by your diction;
Stay within the lines and you’ll still get paid
For your rhetorical trade ‘n then laid to rest
In the best of suits that suits your kind best;
In the meantime, enjoy your little nest of self-security,
After all, you shouldn’t worry about offending anyone:
You say absolutely nothing to cause offense
And show not even pretense of real belief
To the relief of your self-satisfied audience;
So you heap words upon words in keep of boundaries
That were laid by those who paid you to come for hire,
So there’s no fire in your heart, no part of you aflame,
No finger pointing in blame for poverty and atrocities
Committed in the trenches of life, which is not a game!
So rave on, jack ass, rave on!
You are the Rhetorician!

Liquid Crystal Moving: Peace

mocking voices
crosstalk of cursing
knocking down doors
people locking


surprising resistance
no blinking
no winking


lighting the way
sighting the goal
writing peace
lease on life


standing tall
banding in chords
commanding attention
demanding justice


Note: In my poem, “One Day, Same Day,” I admitted that I did not know what to label this form of poetry . . . and I still don’t; however, it is obviously poignantly-pointed and sectional. For the time being, at least, Tanya Cliff and I have decided on the suave-sounding vers l’avant, which (lit.) means “forward verse.” Perhaps there will one day even be a category for vers l’avant! Who knows? Obviously, I enjoyed it enough that I thought I’d give it another go! Hope you enjoy!

Profusion of Confusion

error-101406__340Profusion of confusion
In complete delusion
Fusion of fantasy and lies

Say ‘goodbye’ to reality
‘Hello’ to finality of truth

And the devil’s in his booth
Ready for ya, claw and tooth

One man tries to hug
Attacked by two thugs
And the rest just shrug

Up and off to riot
Destroy all quiet
Anger in the diet

No compliance
Reliance on rage
Day after day
Page after page

And the sage is silenced
And the sage is silenced
And the sage is silenced

Riot and the Rape of Peace

Looting, stealing, shooting, pealing thunder

Of angry voices making choices of violence
In vehemence of protests hardly understood;
Proud defiance in furious alliance shocking,
Rocking an entire nation; is there salvation?
Can we hear the clarion call of the one
Who stood tall and stated, “Darkness
Cannot drive out darkness; only light?”
Ah! Thugs in the night blight the very peace
For which the world entreats day after day;
And flood of blood runs down these streets
To the beat of wild clamor with no glamor
And ne’er with shame in crimes, only blame,
So the claim is made: Another one is to fault,
And there will be no halt to the battle fought,

brigitte-bardot-383138__340And the devil rattles chains in anticipation
Of even more participation in nefarious war
Against love and unity, serenity and comity;
And the Liar sets fire to another community,
And yet another . . . and another . . . another!
Oh when will all this cease?
When will there be peace?

Yes, There Will Be Peace

Reposting in dedication to World Peace Day

We hear the many heartbeats of fear
As blood runs down well-worn streets
Mixed with the tears of loved ones
As children run from the blast of guns,
And we wonder, when will there be
Peace on this earth of common birth
And goodwill among all in that day
We can stand straight and tall withal
In humble pride as we stride arm
In arm, side by side as one great tide?
Surely that day will dawn when light
Pierces the night and the stark dark,
And we find our might in all that
Is good and right, lovely and bright,
When we no longer pay more heed
To the powerful greed that profits
From proliferation of war, violence,
Repression, oppression, desecration
That all leads to utter desolation…
Yes, there will be peace on earth
When we learn to honor the worth
Of each one — brother and sister,
Mother and father — everywhere;
And peace will reign, peace will reign!

Note: This was written originally as a contribution to Poets for Peace, hosted by Forgotten Meadows on August 14th of this year. I repost it now in dedication to World Peace Day.