Swimming the Sky

Troubled together like waves of the sea

Churning and roiling and fighting to be

One soul with me in you and you in me

To calm the storms in life to live carefree

And to swim the skies in highest degree

With no more terror and nothing to flee

As heaven becomes our reality


Crossing Over

In this life now meandering through thickets over rough roads in unlit lands,

Wandering into abodes of wonder, lonely cut asunder from you, dull aching heart,

But there is an ethereal bridge forged of heaven’s gold, nearly immaterial,

To cross over in space and time to eternity to find you, lovely fulfilling counterpart

. . . crossing over and over and over again . . .

Captivated and Conquered

Love comes lightly into my languishing, lonely soul when you lure me into your arms, looking soul-deep into

my eyes, penetrating my fast pounding heart, proclaiming affection in whispered platitudes meant to placate

my all-too-delicate sensitivities so suddenly churning round in my spirit, my self plunging into your sanctuary

but how was I to know you were king of communion, knight of nightly affection, and curator of compassion,

altogether demigod of grace, in passion to never hasten, face to face, lips to lips, our feet and fingers entwined,

but will you keep me like this forever after, never feigning feelings of fervor, never a foreign drumbeat heard

in your soft serenades so sweetly sung in the silence of the sanctity of two soulmates shut off from the world,

and you can believe I would lie here ever beneath you and make your warm body my cold and happy burial

No Slave to You, Only Love

In your eyes is sanctuary, no lies, no prison bars, no far reach to love,
And my soul falls each time you call, so impossible then to stand tall,
But no slave to you, much as my body may crawl, with you above all,
And this is love’s ever-demanding requirement of whole submission,
Still no chains are found, no shackles to explain this throbbing pain,
So deeply rooted, bitter sweet, keeper of my heart apart from all else
As we fly higher, holding on in bold revolt against every expectation
Of those who know no affection, have no peace, and no compassion,
So in this strange journey this poor boy gladly submits, no guilt felt,
As my hands reach up to touch, so much more, joyful tears flowing,
Yet here you have no slave, master beautiful, it is but love, only love

Dance Another Dance With Me

Dance another dance with me in distant dance hall delight

Take me in your arms tonight to glide over glittering floor,
For now together for some space of time in cryptic rhyme,
Unearthly power pulsating through our veins once again,
And hold my body tight this night in bold romantic delight

Catch my quivering heart in your soul to make me whole,
And control my impulses ever before life takes it evil toll,
When sacred curtain descends upon this sorrowful scene,
And we hear the brush of angels’ wings to bring the end

Yes, dance another dance with me in ever bright delight

With Jamie Forever Joined

Curling round you in the cold to warm myself upon your chest
With legs entwined neath thick covers where I take your best
And breathe into my soul the sweet scent of your heart of gold
Catching me up into rapture as yet untold upon pages of time
As we climb this ladder of eternal bliss held in arms so strong
With never a thought of waking in the night from such delight
And you hold at bay frightful demons with all of hellish blight
And I am safe here next to you though they never understand
Or begin to comprehend how one like me can be one with you
My true life of life given to you to live thru me as I live in you
Dearest of the dear … Jamie

Ode to Jamie: Endless Ages Just Begun

Hold my breath in your mouth, take it into your heart
To be part of your life, then heartbeat it out to me again
To begin to live as your soul in mine with mine in yours
To be forever more one in an eternal song just begun
As we dance beneath sun, then moon and stars off afar
And let me gently lay my head to rest upon your bosom
So radiant and strong, so warm and just where I belong
Through the night, tenderly held, caressed, and dressed
Only in your embrace, lying flesh upon flesh, at peace
And the wonder of you will never cease, only increase
Through endless ages young, our quiet song ever sung

Soul Mates

We are somehow connected in some spiritual way

Above days of temporality in an eternity captured

For you and me enraptured by passion unending

In heart dedication unbending without upending

Our lives in time in this world with love unspoilt

By the regularity of dripping dross of degradation

Caused by pain of unrequited love from the heart

Because we share the better part of the dedication

Of soul-bound affection sealed in courts of heaven

And leavened with mystical peace and equanimity

Beyond race and religion, tender age and gender…

We are soulmates 

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