Sweet Sole Spirit of Life

Move so gently ore the deep in soul depth of my keep

An unilluminated world waiting for your bright light

Streaming thru opened floodgate of innate radiance

To belong wholly to you as new creation in formation

Neath your ethereal wings bringing life to lifelessness

To ever abide in your shadow as one suppliant bride

So compliant, never defiant, always reliant upon you

Sweet sole Spirit of Life

Now Soul-Peace

Flame burns brighter, higher on funeral pyre of wicked nightmares
That tear the fabric of the soul once whole and full of lively vivacity
In pertinacity to bring bright light from out behind clouds of doom,
Which loom large over the city of the heart in pity to tear her apart
Except for the determination to damn this dæmon to an expulsion
From dreams of innocence followed quickly by his own destruction
In hottest hell’s conflagration for which there is now no mitigation,
And so the man in turmoil shall no longer recoil, but live in peace

Stranger in the Dark

At night under plight of sleepless blight, moonlight washes through the window
As howling wind screams round every bend of trees to appease dancing devils,
Who mark their time by death’s tollhouse chime on every hour while you cower
In bed, where you lay your weary head to rest, flying cares on wings of prayers
To heaven’s door when suddenly you hear footsteps across the floor and more,
You spy the awful face of the Stranger who walks to stalk an unsuspecting soul
In unholy rhythm with the bands of hell, demanding their diabolic allegiance,
Commanding their assistance against any resistance you might make for sake
Of your life now at stake, but you cannot feign courage nor gain the sympathy
Of lighter spirits, or even sprites, to make a defense against the odious offense
Of him who comes to terrorize, and so you realize your only hope is in appeal
To empyrean fortification beyond space and time, where majestic Life abides,
And should you in pain gain some sure help divine against this dark Stranger,
Then you might well resign the balance of your days to the valiance of virtue,
Whereby your very self becomes an eternal expression of gratitude 
In possession of endless grace without reservation or any hesitation…
But see eyes that still peer thru the dark so stark? the Stranger yet remains

And the Spirit Moves

When the first winds swept the earth, before the birth of humanity,
Before the Great Calamity, she moved across land and ocean deep
With all of its hidden keeps, bidden by her love to breathe out life,
Spirit divine, shining brightly, creating the world as an holy shrine,
Sign of desire, and never to resign from her beautiful, sacred work;
Twas when the earth was young and mirth hung heavily in the air,
And all to prepare a paradisiacal home for the epitome of creation;
And there’s been no cessation of motivation of the same holy Spirit
Since time began as she still flies across the earth, place of our birth,
Breathing life into lifeless souls, filling the holes of hearts torn apart,
Shining more brightly than the light of the sun for those who can see
Through the cross-cleansed lens of faith and have been made friends
Of the Spirit rather than many dead men walking in need and greed,
And acrimony, rancor, enmity and stony hearts as phony creatures
Though they feature themselves as wise teachers ‘n even preachers;
Ah! But the Spirit still sweeps o’er this world and never does sleep
But moves across the land and oceans deep with their secret keeps

Fruit of the Spirit

Envy, strife, deadly thoughts and frenzy fill the world,
But there is another way, some say, for a brighter day:
Love from above, and joy, peace and increase of charity
Without disparity in clarity of the knowing of equality
Among all without recall of division and cruel derision

Love is the wellspring from which flows the life stream
In dream of better, brighter days, new and lighter ways,
As the Spirit fills the vacuum with the values of heaven
To leaven the loaf of humanity in calamity of confusion
And profusion of lies that fly by day and night to blight

Florid garden grows among horrid weeds of wickedness,
Flourishing along the stream that nourishes new life
Amid the strife of earth, strong and true under blue
Of sky so high where we may now mount and freely fly,
Liberated from cancer of death in answer to the call.

Note: Originally published in June 2016, now being republished for the enjoyment of new reader-followers. Blessings to one and all!

Poetry of Life

There was calm neath the palm tree, complete serenity,
But then you blew through in bending wind, transcending,
Offering no salaam, only aplomb at your sudden arrival;
Then you did flow like the tidal wave, but… where now?
After such glorious flow of exciting show, you’ve only left…

Line upon line so finely interwoven
And breathed across the Cosmos
Into heart sifted and adrift alone
But not made of stone in flesh
And bone, but rather radiant
And supple in rhyme and rhythm
With the multiverse of your poem

But there is the grander Poem interwoven in the Universe
To nurse hearts and souls that ne’er depart from the path
Of fine poetry in potency in probity of soul so knowingly
Open to Truth of Love that never fades in blight of night;
This is…

Poetry of Life

Note: First published in mid-June 2016, now republished (again) due to some rather unexpected renewed interest as well as for the enjoyment of new reader-followers. I would now count this as, perhaps, one of my best offerings. Blessings to one and all!

The Lightning Chaser … Unrestrained

You say you want to know the flashing lightning and thunder roll,
But that might be a grave error, you see, inside such a panoply
Which you can hardly imagine, still less handle, so much greater
It is than your pathetic candle, but you run out of your bubble
Straight into the arms of trouble only to double your own misery
And in no subtle fashion for the excitation without explanation;
Ah! This is you, though, ever grasping for the unknown, gasping;
And what will you have gained in your vagabond independence,
In your freedom from dependence upon anyone or anything else?
You yourself are like an untamed wind that tends to bend
Elements and people to your will, and you still want more!
Oh! but you might one day cross that tight line of sense and sanity
In forthright vanity, turning your sunshine day into blackest night!
Oh, be careful what you search out in your devout chasing of life;
Some doubt is not bad and will not bring any drought to your soul,
But simply rein you in to begin living within the bounds of reason;
Ah! but that is completely out of season for you, is it not? Yes . . .
You say you want to know the flashing lightning and thunder roll!

Round Two: New Birth (Recast)

Yes, I have ears that hear the words you speak, but do I really listen?
Yes, I have eyes that see but are the tears you cry really visible to me?
You whisper so softly yet deeply in the keep of my soul, but do I know?

Oh! Light in me the passion-fire of intimate compassion forevermore
And let me soar into your soul to be yours alone and nevermore forlorn!

You pain for my gain, but do I appreciate the plain truth of your love?
You wrap tender fingers gently round my hand to direct, but do I object?
Do I reject your kindly leading in bleeding Love that never fails me?

Oh! Light in me the passion-fire of intimate compassion forevermore
And let me soar into your soul to be yours alone and nevermore forlorn!

Am I so insistent and resistant to your calling while I’m still crawling
On hardened earth? No! No, I choose re-birth and wholly renewed worth
In expectancy of ecstasy of unbounded compassion in passion of heaven!

New Birth

Note: Original first published in June of 2016

I Sing A New Song

Once wandering, tossed-out vagabond,
Lost in the wilderness at the cost my life,
My feet stumbled, to the earth I crumbled,
Crying aloud ‘n lying to myself
That I was not really dying . . .

And I longed to belong
To sing a new song . . .

Too proud to admit the crowd had passed
By me ‘n I was drowning in my own tears
And fear engulfed me and seared my soul,
Leaving a hole in my forlorn heart
And no hope for another start . . .

And I longed to belong
To sing a new song . . .

But then you came, crossing desert plain,
With emerald eyes easily spied my pain
And the invisible chain that wrapped me;
Your look pierced deep in me;
You read me like an open book,
Then lifted me in strong suntanned arms,
Russet-brown hair blowing in the wind,
And you carried me to the place I belong,

And, oh, how I now sing a new song . . .
I sing a new song
Because I belong;
I sing a new song!

Unearthed, Rebirthed

I was wandering in the wasteland, but then the wind whispered your Name;
My heavy soul blistered and dried by scorching shame.
Desert sands littered with regrets and gambling debts with the devil,
Mind pierced by doubting arrows forged in insecurity’s anvil.
Then rugged Shepherd came to find the lost and tempest tossed,
Brown crusted blood around deep cuts of love and happiness lost.
Illusions of despair, confusion of mind, and profusion of lies disappeared.
The air I breathed, the music I heard, and the truth no more smeared.
No more lost, but found, and bound for peace in new lease on life.

Note: I have been extremely privileged and honored to collaborate on this poignant, faith-filled poem with the very talented Dajena Mason of Moonskittles! The work was joyous and most rewarding, and I do hope that you, my readers, both enjoy this piece and are blessed by it!